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How To Style Air Force 1's

How To Style Air Force 1's

On the surface, the iconic Nike Air Force 1 needs no introduction. Simply put, it’s one of the most important silhouettes in streetwear culture and footwear history in general! From its crisp look to the endless colourways – there’s an AF1 for everybody at Culture Kings.


Bruce Kilgore’s timeless design debuted in 1982, during the infancy of hip-hop, so interestingly enough, the two have grown-up together. However, it wasn't until the late 2000's that this trend exploded when Nelly released his hit song & music video for "Air Force One's". 

Since then, Nike has blessed a group of artists and brands with their own collaborations with Air Force 1s and they’ve all gone on to be cult classics. Including recent collaborations with artists like Billie Eilish, Drake & Travis Scott or brands like Off-White, Stussy & Supreme

Not to mention the Air Force 1's being seen on some of the biggest celebrities and rappers in fashion on numerous occasions. This includes people like A$AP Rocky, Jay Z, Lebron James & Kyle Kuzma just to name a few. 

(Branded Collabs: Off-White, Stussy & Supreme / Artist Collabs: Billie Eilish, Drake & Travis Scott)

(Featured On: A$AP Rocky, Lebron James, Jay Z & Kyle Kuzma)


TIP 1: Know When To Let Your Air Force One's Go

There is definitely a charm and character you can add to your shoes when they’re scuffed up overtime but there definitely becomes a point where they're too far gone. If you're seeing that paint on the shoes crack, the insides are falling apart and not even cleaning will help the kicks, it's time to say goodbye. While we're not saying you need a new pair of Air Force 1's every day of the week like you're Dr. Dre you definitely need to know when it's time to let that pair you've been holding on to go! 

TIP 2: How To Avoid Creasing on Air Force 1's

Creasing on a leather sneaker is inevitable, especially as the leather starts to soften after multiple wears. However, there are ways to prevent major creasing on your AF1's without having to walk around like a duck. The legends at Sneaker Basel provide the best way to do just that with their infamous Sneaker Guard. Easily slide the Sneaker Guards into any of your favourite kicks and start preserving your toe caps today, keep your Air Force 1's looking as mint as the day you bought them!

TIP 3: Wearing Your Air Force One's With Baggier or More Relaxed Pants

The Air Force One is known for the bulkiness of the silhouette, so you almost have to respect this aspect of the sneaker and match the vibe. Just because you like skinny pants, does not mean your skinny's go with your forces! We know how hard it can be to make the transition to the baggy/relaxed trend when it comes to pants, but if you're wanting to know what to pair up with your AF1's, this is without a doubt the best option. Trust us... you won't look back 👀 A pair of classic Dickies 874's, X Large 91's or any of our baggy jeans will never lead you astray when combining these with Force's!


There are literally millions of way's you can style Air Force One's, which is arguably the main reason why the silhouette is so popular. No matter if you're rocking crazy colourways, a classic all white or all black pair, lows, mids or highs, it's almost impossible to mess up your fit. But we're here to help and down below we've provided some looks that are a must when rocking the AF1's.


(@champagnepapi Outfit Featuring: Saint Morta Sherpa Jacket, En Es Generation Straight Leg Jeans, Nike Air Force One's


(@callumalexandre Outfits Featuring: Air Force One High's with Yearbook Lafayette T-Shirt & Desolation Cargo Shorts / Day Of The Dead T-Shirt & Daggers Shorts Dark / Day Of The Dead Singlet & Day Of The Dead Basketball ShortsYearbook Lafayette T-Shirt & Desolation Cargo Shorts


(@jonlaflare Outfit Featuring: New Era New York Yankees K-Frame Snapback, Loiter Lightning Motor T-Shirt, XXIII Triton Pants, Nike Air Force One's

Upgrade your kick game with these instant classics and shop the many Nike Air Force One colourways and styles we have available at Culture Kings both in-store and online now!

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