Older Kids - Ages 8-16

It all begins somewhere, and their story begins with you. Introduce them to the avenues of streetwear to help them avoid pitfalls and easy mistakes from whenever they’re excited to do so. Getting out of the house will never be as easy as when they’re more excited than you to get dressed and styled up in their new favourite ‘fit. At Culture Kings, we stock everything from tops, bottoms, headwear, accessories and more to help get you and them started, it’s as easy as drifting over the styles to see what catches your eye. At the ages of 5-14, it’s a joint effort to pick out their everyday wear, so get them involved wear you can or surprise them on Christmas, a birthday or weekend shopping escapade. 

With the likes of Nike, Lil Homme, Majestic Athletic, Tommy Jeans, New Era and many more lining the Culture Kings’ shelves, it’s never been so easy to find a style that suits. Pick out anything from necklaces to bags, short sleeve to long sleeve, cargo pants to track pants, beanies to snaps and everything else in between. Are they as adventurous as they are energetic? Cop them some durable youth Jordans, Timberlands or Nike’s. Are they a chip off the old block and learning to love the NBA? No worries, we’ve got official NBA jerseys lining the block. A miniature style lover? We’ve got everything from stripes to flat colours and camo. Check out the collections now and keep in mind Afterpay is available, turning one cost into four easy instalments, as well as our styles updated weekly with over 300+ new introductions.

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