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The Tie Dye Revolution

The Tie Dye Revolution

Since the early 1960’s the world has been fascinated with the artistic fashion known as Tie Dye. As it swept across the globe with the likes of Jimmy Hendrix fronting the movement, people everywhere caught on with an eagerness to snub Western aesthetics with something more unifying.

That was then, this is now. These days, Tie Dye has since exploded into an everyday streetwear essential for all walks of life, from high fashion to the infamous Sunday Sesh and summer festivals. After a killer year in 2019, it’s looking like Tie Dye is here to stay. And really, who here is complaining?

We've gone ahead and taken the Tye Dye Revolution to the next level, with the latest from headwear kings New Era detailing a completely original Tye Dye range. The upcoming release is a match up you never knew you needed, combining the classic colour-wash with 9Forty A Frame sports styling, as well as introducing a charcoal, dark-tone range with more subliminal dyes, nailing a low-key hat for those only looking to dip their toes in. You can check out the collection here, dropping this Boxing Day. 

In the meantime, peep some of the freshest Culture Kings Tie Dye styles of 2019, including a full range of Men’s Tie Dye and Women’s Tie Dye, plus beach worthy additions in the form of shorts and bottoms. Having long since branched out of the classic spiral patterned shirt, Tie Dye has evolved into a new beast altogether, taking on beach shorts and full-length track pants. This overlapping of worlds rejuvenated Tie Dye with lighter, less stark colours, at the same time introducing a previously unseen streetwear sense to an otherwise one-style movement. 

With summer having long since arrived, it's almost essential to cop a Sunday Sesh worthy tee. Evolving out of the traditional acid influenced spiral or mandala colourway, 2019 has seen entire releases dropped with one main colour gradient, seeped through with an almost 'white-noise' pattern. Some of the latest from Stussy feature designs like this, including the popular 8 Ball Tee.

A few tips for how to rock Tie Dye, we recommend pairing shirts, shorts, hoodies or pants with the opposite item in flat colours like black, white or dark grey. This focuses the 'fit on the Tie Dye piece, without doubling down and turning the look into an uncomfortably colourful rainbow. With this in mind, don't hesitate to pair kicks with the prominent colour of your shirt, or even some denim shorts with a festival tee. Check out the below for a perfect example of dark or flat tone shorts with bright coloured Tye Dye.

Culture Kings stocks some of the best brands for Tie Dye, including Stussy and Thing Thing, so check them out before the anticipated headwear drop on Boxing Day.

A summer essential, cop one now before the festival season is in full swing.

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