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TaxBack 2020: Not-For-Sale Revealed

TaxBack 2020: Not-For-Sale Revealed

The anticipated, annual Culture Kings event is back: TaxBack 2020! Bringing with it a collection of sought-after Culture Kings merch that money can't buy, launching on Saturday, 18th July at 9am.

First up, we're bringing back the CK NFS Gloves! These sold out when they were released a few weeks ago and were coveted because of their felted fingertips, meaning you can use your smartphone while wearing them, and their custom 'CK Paisley', anti-slip silicone palms.

CK NFS Paisley GlovesCK NFS Ear Pod Case & Gloves when you spend $300

The CK NFS Ear Pod Case is now available for the first time EVER as part of TaxBack 2020. This features a leather construction, charger incision and metal clip so you can attach to your keys or bag for convenience. Receive BOTH items when you drop $300 or more during TaxBack 2020 at Culture Kings.

CK NFS Ear Pod Case

Not only will you cop the Ear Pod Case and Gloves, this TaxBack you can also get your hands on the CK NFS Resistance Bands and Robe when you spend $600 or more.

CK NFS TaxBack 2020CK NFS Resistance Bands & Robe, plus Gloves & Ear Pod Case, when you spend $600

Our Resistance Bands have become a must cop in 2020 with home workouts becoming the new normal. This 11-piece kit includes 5 x multi-function bands that can be used in over 30 different ways to work all areas of the body.

CK NFS Resistance Bands

Our bath robe is back and better than ever! We released this a few years ago and, due to popular demand, we have given it a few updates and made it available once again but for a limited time only!


Set your alarms and gear up for TaxBack 2020 at Culture Kings so you can ball out on the drip you've had your eye on recently, put your tax back payment to good use and take home this limited edition NFS.

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Culture Kings Not-For-Sale