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Trying to expand your footwear rotation outside of only having sneakers or wanting something for those more "dressed up" occasions? Look no further; the Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea Boot from Saint Morta is exactly what you're after 🔥

Creative Flatlay of Chelsea Boots


Chelsea boots in general have been around for a very long time, however, it wasn’t until 2016 when these got super hot in streetwear, being seen on celebrities such as Kanye West, Jerry Lorenzo and Russell Westbrook. This merged the dapper and streetwear communities a little bit closer together and was one of the major reasons for the boost in popularity amongst streetwear culture. While there are a multitude of variations in Chelsea Boot styles the Pointy Toe Chelsea Boot is one in particular that has really gained some serious recognition as of late.

Shoe Wall showcasing the Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea Boots up close


While these are both great options from Saint Morta, this really comes down to your personal preference when it comes to shape as there is only slight variations between the two styles. 

The original Saint Morta Nomad Chelsea Boots are a classic, which comes with the standard heel and a rounded toe for a more casual look. However, they put a spin on this with their latest silhouette in the Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea Boots, which comes with a heightened raised block heel and a pointed toe at the front for a sleeker look. Check out the slight variation between the two below:

Showcasing the slight differences between the Pointy Toe Chelsea Boot & Rounded Chelsea Boot

The type of Chelsea Boots you choose to cop is always a difficult choice as there is a lot of different shapes, colours and materials involved across these styles. But today we're going to make it easy and focus in on the newest style from Saint Morta in the Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea Boot. Showing you exactly why this is the perfect nightlife boot for your footwear rotation! 

Hype Shoe Wall and Unboxing of Pointy Toe Chelsea Boots


If you're new to boots, styling may feel a little difficult at first but when it comes to the Pointy Toe Chelsea Boot it really is quite easy and we're here to help point you in the right direction. 

Let's start with the pants, which will determine whether you’re going to go towards the streetwear lane or more towards the dapper lane. If you want to go more street, distressed denim is your best friend. More dapper solid pants are your go to and at that point your top or jacket will determine which lane you’re going to go down.

Like with all kicks, your pants will show off the silhouette of whatever shoes you’re wearing. With these Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea we definitely recommend going more towards skinner pants or even slim pants. Because the boots are very form fitting, if you’re going to wear baggy pants it’s just going to drown out the silhouette and not look as sleek with these boots. 

Outfit inspiration for sherpa jacket, jeans and pointy toe chelsea boots

(Outfit: Saint Morta Sherpa Denim Jacket, Saint Morta Dynasty Jean, Saint Morta Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea Boot)

Now that you’ve picked out your pair of pants, there are a few ways you can rock these boots on foot. The most common would be putting the pants completely over the top of the chelsea boots or having them over the front of the boots with the pull tab sticking out at the back. We suggest switching this up every once in a while to find what works best for your aesthetic. 

Now for tops, like we mentioned before your top or jacket will determine, whether you’re going down the streetwear lane or the dapper casual lane. For the streetwear look, just treat the Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea Boots as if they were your normal mid or hi-top sneakers, wearing your typical outfit and just replacing your sneakers with these Chelsea Boots. Great options to pair this up with are leather jackets, sherpa jackets, varsity jackets, hoodies and flannels! Although, you can really just rock your typical aesthetic because almost every top and jacket perfectly compliments the Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea Boot because of how neutral and how sleek they are. 

The Nomad Pointy Toe is the ultimate mens Day-to-Night shoe, whether it’s date night or you’re going out with your friends on a night out, this is the perfect footwear to roll out with. 

Outfit inspiration for varsity jacket, hoodie, distressed jeans and pointy toe chelsea boots

(Outfit: Saint Morta Graveyard Varsity Jacket, Loiter Carter Premium HoodieSaint Morta Destroyer Distressed Jeans, Saint Morta Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea Boots)

Don't miss out on the Nomad Pointy Toe Chelsea Boot from Saint Morta, available now in 7 different colours both in-store and online, exclusively at Culture Kings!

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