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Festival Fashion Guide 2022

Festival Fashion Guide 2022

Festival Season has arrived, and for some people, this may be the first time you have been to one. For many, this is super daunting with many questions about what to wear! 

Its all good though Culture Kings has got you covered with some key Festival outfit ideas! 

When it comes to a festival there are 2 rules we run by: 1) versatility, and 2) practicality. 

 1. Versatility 

The key with any festival fit is it being versatile. You need to be able to be dance without getting too flustered, but also look stylish whilst hitting the bars and events around the music festival. Start this fit off with the Pigment Pocket T-Shirt, pair this with the breathable X-Large 91 Pants built with 100% cotton canvas. Finish it off with a pair of white sneakers, we suggest the Reebok Court Peaks or some Blazer Vintage Low's and the Loiter Beaded Pearl Necklace you have a fit that will turn anyones head! 

2. Practicality 

Festivals are one of those events where you need to be prepared for any of the elements. It can be pipping hot during the day then surprise you with some cool temperatures at night. So for any music festival outfit you need something that can take on the elements no matter what it throws up.

We suggest throwing over a hoodie, for the night that can easily be tied around your waist throughout the day. Pair this with some shorts and your festival fit is the definition of practicality. 

Pictured Below: The Loiter Carter Hoodies and the Loiter Carter Corduroy Shorts 

Now we all know the night can get away from us and we all start getting a little bit crazy, so we need something to take care of our valuables, like our phone and wallet.  So why not finish the fit and sport the ultimate practicality piece the side bag. Pictured below are some of our faves for your festival outfits, but you can shop a massive range here.

 Left to right -  Carre World Peach Pouch, Starter Leather Team Waist Bag and The Anti Order World War Tactical Bag

After reading this article, hopefully all you festival goers are ready for anything you're faced with! With these tips and tricks in mind, get some style inspo for Coachella this month HERE

So make sure you head in-store or online and get your ultimate music festival outfit!

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