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Play As Mario-Style Yeezy In 'Lil Ye Land' Game

Play As Mario-Style Yeezy In 'Lil Ye Land' Game

It's time to explore 'Lil Ye Land' in this brand new and free Mario-Style game starring none other than Kanye West himself. Lil Ye Land is a complete game inspired by the music, fashion and antics of Kanye and is free to play right now! 

Designer and creator Ali Graham has been drawing 'Lil Ye' illustrations for years now, depicting Kanye as a childlike bobble-head character. Nowadays, the worlds include other characters such as Chance The Rapper. 

Graham has now created a Mario-style 2D platform game based on the Lil Ye universe. The game lets players navigate "a series of magical worlds full of music, money, friends, foes, fans, and unicorns."

You can play the free working demo right here!

Graham is hoping to add several more worlds and bosses to complete the game, which you can support on his Kickstarter

In an interview with Complex, Graham said this demo is "just a taste of what we want to do. We've actually got a few more levels of the 'Kids See Ghosts' demo to release, including an epic boss level! Hopefully in the next couple of days, which will also be available to download on mobile devices. Depending on how much we can raise with the Kickstarter, the more levels and features we can add. All the levels will be packed with references to songs, lyrics, and a few familiar-faced friends to help Lil Ye along the way." 

In other Kanye news, read him talking Deadpool soundtracks and debuting all of 'Ye' into the top 40, and peep our review on his latest release with Kid Cudi - 'Kids See Ghosts'.

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