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Kanye Talks Deadpool, New Websites And Debuts 'Ye' In The Top 40?!

Kanye Talks Deadpool, New Websites And Debuts 'Ye' In The Top 40?!

This is a serious question - is it even possible for you to go a day without hearing the name 'Kanye West'? With all his controversy and the five-part album release of Daytona, Ye, Kids See Ghosts and upcoming albums with Nas and Teyana Taylor, he's barely been out of the news for even an hour. 

Last night Aussie time, Kanye decided it was time to shoot his shot at getting in on the Deadpool soundtracks in future. 


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Also last night, Kanye rolled out a brand new website called - titled after the original album name for 'Ye'. 



Right now, the site only features three videos including behind-the-scenes from the private listening party of 'Ye' in Wyoming.

Speaking of 'Ye', the entire album has debuted within the top 40 on the Billboard charts. 'Yikes' is at number eight, meaning Kanye has earnt his 16th top 10 of all time, tying him with Nicki Minaj for the sixth-most top 10s in rap. Drake holds the record with 26, then JAY-Z with 21, Lil Wayne with 20, Ludacris with 18 and Eminem with 17. 

After 'Yikes', Yeezy's 'All Mine' debuted at No. 11, followed by 'Ghost Town' at 16th, 'Wouldn't Leave' at 24, 'Violent Crimes' at 27, 'I Thought About Killing You' in 28th and 'No Mistakes' rounding out the last of the album at 36th position.  'All Mine' swept the floor in the Streaming Songs chart with 36.3 mil US streams in the first week. 

Deadpool, Billboard, websites... it's been a huge couple of days for Kanye. What will we see from him next?

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