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Is The Era Of Yeezy Over?

Is The Era Of Yeezy Over?

Recently in Sydney, the Oxford Street 2XU store was prepping for their release of Kanye West's collaboration with them. They were getting ready for the legion of fans that usually surround anything to do with Yeezy, and had plans in place for a huge queue of fans but instead, no one came. 

The collaboration consisted of leggings and bicycle shorts that retailed for over USD$500 each. Unfortunately for 2XU, barely any were sold as the store waited nearly an hour before shutting the whole event down. The website has been reverted to its original teaser, however, there has been no information about a re-release date. 

A brand representative for 2XU said "There’s been a change of direction from head office and unfortunately the event has been canceled.”

Yeezy has been the centre of a lot of controversies recently, starting with his return to Twitter, dropping 'Lift Yourself' and explosive interviews with Charlamagne Tha God and TMZ. Some fans are even claiming his actions are all part of a performance art piece.

The lack of people coming to this pop-up begs the question - is the era of Yeezy over? Have we simply had enough of his constant drama? One thing we know for sure though is that this Yeezy saga is far from over. 

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