Kanye West X Charlamagne Tha God Interview

Kanye West X Charlamagne Tha God Interview

"When will this Kanye drama end?" the world cries. It seems we are getting more than our fair share of Yeezy recently, but to be honest we ain't mad. Yesterday, Kanye shared an interview he had with Charlamagne Tha God which went for nearly 2 hours. Ain't nobody got time for that - so we have listed the main things West said in bite-sized pieces. 

His Breakdown:

"[It was caused by] fear, stress, being controlled, manipulation….Like being a pawn in a chess piece of life. The concept of competition and being in competition with so many elements at one time….To put that same amount of work into a piece of work [The Life of Pablo] and you’re expecting it to come out like Graduation where really everything is playing on the radio, it’s frustrating. Khaled got this song, Drake got this song that radio’s playing to death. But ‘Saint Pablo’ ain’t playing. We’re doing [the] Saint Pablo [tour], and the cultural impact is incredible, but I’m looking for other forms of validation.

And really since the Taylor Swift moment, it’s never been the same, that connection with radio. Whatever powers that be, it was much harder after that….the radio element was just one of the factors."



“The thoughts that I’m getting out on Twitter now … I’m not doing it as a form of personal therapy. It’s just an innate feeling. I want to express. I decided to use this platform to express some breakthroughs that I’ve had since going to the hospital. … I felt the need to speak at this point… I’m not trying to say the right thing; I’m just saying exactly what I feel out of love.”


“It was heartbreaking for me to have to leave Nike, but they refused to allow me to get royalties on my shoe. And I knew I had the hottest shoe in the world. I knew Yeezy was the hottest brand in the world.”

“The reason that we went into fashion…was actually to take the incredible HSP — highly sensitive people — in the fashion house and bring them to some place where they can consistently connect with the public. Yeezy will end up like a relief company. If there’s a disaster we’re going to dress, we’re going to bring clothes and water. The same design perspective that can sell a $300 shirt, we’re going to give it. Eventually that’s who we’ll be. You’ll look up, 5-10 years from now, Yeezy will be the biggest service provider of apparel.”

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“I felt a little way about Obama like, I’m your favourite artist, you play “Touch the Sky” at your inauguration, and now, all a sudden, Kendrick and JAY and all the people you invite to the White House, like, now these your favourite rappers now. I ain’t got no problem with these rappers, but you know I’m your favourite but I’m not safe. But that’s why you love me! So just tell me you love me... And then I also like had a problem that Obama’s from Chicago and Chicago’s the murder capital of the world.”

Donald Trump:

“I don’t have all the answers that a celebrity is supposed to have, but I can tell you that when he was running it was like I felt something. The fact that he won, its like it proves something. It proves that anything is possible in America…that Donald Trump is the President of America. I’m not talking about what he’s done in office.”

“Remember when I said I was going to run for president? I had people close to me, friends of mine, making jokes, making memes, talking shit, and now it’s like, 'oh that was proven that it could happen'…When I see an outsider infiltrate, I connect with that. I like that it showed you that anything is possible." 


“My last and final manager was Scooter Braun. I’ve had every manager. Gee Roberson, Jay Brown, Izzy. I just can’t be managed... I would just trust the manger, let them handle everything, it becomes one big racket, the tour guy is talking to the label guy, who’s talking to the manger, talking to the guy that sold you the house and then you’re just trapped. You’re not in control of your life anymore, then you can be easily manipulated... Scooter Braun is Kanye West’s gateway drug to business and maybe the death of the music industry as we know it.”

California Community Development:

“I’m going to build five properties. It’s my first community. I’m getting into development. Anybody who’s ever been to any of my cribs knows I’m into developing homes... So I’m going to be one of the biggest real estate developers of all time, what Howard Hughes was to airlines, and what Henry Ford was to cars, and just the relationships I have to architects…I’m tired of the McMansions. That shit is whack."

Watch the whole interview here if you have 2 hours to spare...

Stay tuned for our take on the Kanye TMZ interview that has taken the world by storm!

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