Culture Kings Warehouse Fire Exposé

Culture Kings Warehouse Fire Exposé

International streetwear brand Culture Kings are settling into their new warehouse after a fire ripped through their previous property on Sunday afternoon. 

Culture Kings Warehouse Fire - Todd O'Rourke

The fire broke out soon after 3:00pm in the 50 by 30-metre building in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane.

Fire crews battled the flames for hours as they tried to contain the fire.   

 Brisbane firefighter Paul Durston said 11 trucks and 35 firefighters were at the scene trying to put it out.

"Triple-0 calls were received at 3:30pm this afternoon and we arrived at 3:16," he said.

"When they arrived they saw fire inside and outside the complex and they started to extinguish the fire externally." 

"The fire grew with a lot of intensity and suddenly the roof collapsed, which opened a big void up in the roof.

"Due to the heat and intensity inside, we had some of the structure around the building - being a tilt slab construction - collapse around the outside as well.

"When the roof collapsed, we used aerial appliances to attack the fire from above, which helped to ventilate the fire and cool it down." 

It has since been discovered the fire started outside the warehouse on nearby palettes.

Despite having fire-proof roller doors, the garments inside the building created enough instant fuel to ignite causing the fire to tear it's way through the warehouse.  

Thankfully no-one was injured in the blaze. 

Culture Kings Warehouse Fire - Todd O'Rourke

Culture Kings released a statement on the day via their Facebook page promising they'll bounce back from this "bigger and better than ever".

"Today we were devastated by a fire at our main warehouse.

"We would just like to thank the emergency service crews who have been working all day and will continue to do so all night to help contain the fire.

"Although our online store will be closed for a short period while we regroup, all of our retail stores will continue to operate as normal.

"We see this as an opportunity to come back bigger and better than ever and continue to be the leader in streetwear." 

Just two days after being displaced from Head Office and losing a main warehouse full of stock, Culture Kings have already secured a nearby warehouse and are working around the clock to return to business as usual and are more determined than ever.  

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All Culture Kings stores remain open and the online store will be back up and running very soon.

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