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A decade ago, if you had asked someone to put on a pair of pants that weren't skin-tight, people would have rolled our eyes in disgust. We wore skinny jeans everywhere and undoubtedly gave them a lot of attention! That is until the year 2022 came around, and the Baggy Bottoms started to trend and saved us from the uncomfortable skinny jean!

Baggy pants, have been on the rise for quite some time now, but it wasn't until they started appearing on fashion celebrities and rappers, like A$AP Rocky, Hailey Beiber and Travis Scott, that the that the trend became crystal clear.

So, from slouchy, distressed denim to loose, extra-long trousers, lets check out some of the baggy pants at Culture Kings! 

Starter Super Relaxed Collection

The Starter Relaxed Collection, provide a baggy fit, and a neutral colourway that will go with anything in your existing wardrobe. Each piece, features embroidered logos, carabiner loops, dual side pockets with singular watch pocket and dual back patch pockets, mixing a perfect blend of function to fit. 

Dickies 874 Work Pants

The Dickies 874 Work Pants are some of the hottest baggy's on the market right now, with a particular emphasis on women's and their unique take on a classic baggy pant. Introducing, the 'Fold Over' !  Influencers around the globe, have begun folding over their Dickies, to add a sexier, more feminine touch to an originally masculine silhouette. 

404 Heritage Trousers

So what if you want to keep it abit more classy? Well baggy pants can still do that! Introducing the new 404 Brands 'Heritage Trousers'. 

The Heritage Trousers from 404 revisit the classic trouser silhouette, defined by its all-over plaid patterning and distinctive metal 404 pendant. This piece offers luxury comfort and style for any occasion with its premium woven construction and pleated design, tailored into a classic fit.

So what type of Baggy Pant will you be rocking this winter? Shop the Culture Kings collection now! Theres bound to be something for you! 

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