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The Rarest Sneakers Of All Time

The Rarest Sneakers Of All Time

These are the sneakers that you won’t see any other day on a jogger in the park. You won’t see them on 16-year-old boys in the high school corridors. You won’t even find them on store shelves, even if you happen to be in a Nike or adidas outlet. No, these are the rarest sneakers of them all and only a handful of lucky sneakerheads will actually own a pair. Let’s take a look at the top five rarest and most exclusive sneakers out there.

5. adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Zebra’
The adidas x Kanye West collaboration has already brought several collections of sneakers into the market. The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 itself is by no means rare; however, the ‘Zebra’ colourway released earlier this year certainly is. The ‘Zebra’ colourway was more of a ‘special edition’ type and was produced in limited numbers, enough only for a few select adidas stores around the world to stock whereas previous colourways were released in third-party stores as well.

4. Nike Air Yeezy 2 ‘Solar Red’
Before the adidas Yeezys came the Nike Yeezys. The initial collaboration between Kanye West and Nike saw the production of just two Yeezy collections before the agreement fell through: the Air Yeezy and Air Yeezy 2. The Air Yeezy 2s were released with only 5,000 pairs in the two initial colourways (‘Solar Red’ and ‘Pure Platinum’, the ‘Solar Red’ proving to be the most popular and still is today). Nike Air Yeezys are extremely rare and coveted in today’s sneaker market, as there are no more Nike Yeezys because of West’s signing with adidas.

3. Nike Air Jordan 4 Eminem X Carhartt
In 2015, the Nike X Eminem collaboration released a limited, retro edition of the Nike Air Jordan 4, the Air Jordan 4 Eminem x Carhartt ‘Friends & Family’. This sneaker was to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Eminem’s Shady Records label. The Air Jordan 4 Eminem X Carhartt was made with top-quality Carhartt canvas, exciting sneakerheads around the world. The release of the sneaker was almost exclusively through an online auction.

2. Nike Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red October’
The ‘Red October’ colourway from the Nike Air Yeezy 2s is quite possibly the rarest and most coveted of any Yeezys. Like the ‘Solar Red’ featured above, a lot of it’s value stems from the contract between Kanye West and Nike ending, but the ‘Red October’ sneakers are even more rare and covetable because they were released exclusively online, sold out within seconds and has had no rerelease since that exclusive drop in 2014. The Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red October’ were particularly tempting to sneakerheads because of their striking, pure red colour.

1. Nike MAG
The Nike MAG is quite possibly the rarest and most desirable sneaker because they appeal to not only sneakerheads but to pop-culture and film fans around the world. These sneakers are described quite simply as the ‘Back to The Future II’ sneakers; the sneakers worn by Marty McFly when he time-travelled to 2015. A limited number of the sneakers were initially released in 2011 and on 21 October 2015, the date that Marty and Doc travelled to in the 1989 film, Nike announced that a new, self-lacing version of the MAG sneakers would be released in 2016. Michael J. Fox received the very first pair of the 2016 MAG sneakers and all proceeds from the sale and raffle of the sneakers went to his foundation for Parkinson’s disease.

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