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The Hottest Style Of Footwear You're Yet To Own - Loafers

The Hottest Style Of Footwear You're Yet To Own - Loafers

When you need to give the J's a rest.. don't sleep on the Saint Morta 'Hemisphere Slip On Loafers'! This is the perfect nightlife piece that elevates your fit for those special occasions and is something that can really compliment any outfit. 

Bit Of Background: 

Sneakers have had a crazy rise in popularity in the last 10 or so years, going from a streetwear subculture to the tops of high fashion. It feels like every brand imaginable has created the colourways, styles and collabs with every other brand, leading us to look at other footwear options. An unlikely hero has returned in slip on loafers. 

It's hard to pinpoint exactly where the loafer began as it's really an offspring of a simple fisherman’s shoe courtesy of Northern Europe. Known as the Bass Weejun, it was Norwegian fisherman who first invented the basic foundation of the shoe that has grown to symbolise the highest class of slip-on.

Loafers were originally designed to be a comfortable house shoe before they became much more stylish across the United States. In the 1930s, loafers took up the role that sneakers hold today—your everyday shoe that was meant to be worn until they completely fall apart and with absolutely everything. Now, some of the most stylish men in the world are taking them back to their roots (e.g. A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast & Tyler The Creator shown below)

A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast & Tyler The Creator wearing loafers

Hemisphere Slip On Loafers: 

While Culture Kings only has a small range of slip on loafers/slippers available at the moment, there was no better way to bring that to the next level than with Saint Morta's latest drop! Designed for comfort and ease the Saint Morta Hemisphere Suede Slip On Loafer delivers in style 🔥 With 7 different colourways to choose from there is something for everyone, no matter what you prefer. Plus it's made with premium suede and featuring signature Saint Morta branding, these loafers will be your go-to slip-on this season. 

Suede Loafers for men

If suede isn't really your thing that's okay too, as Saint Morta have also come through with one classic black and white colourway in a premium leather construction with the Hemisphere Leather Slip On Loafer.


There are countless ways to go about styling slip on loafers and you really don’t need to overthink it. Loafers should essentially be worn just like you would wear your sneakers wearing fits that tie in nicely to the colourway and style on hand. Denim or dress pants are always a safe bet when it comes to bottoms and a simple tee and jacket is a common go-to for the top when wearing loafers. 

how to style suede loafers

(Outfit featuring: DXXMLIFE L-3 Oversized Vintage T-Shirt Vintage Black, Saint Morta Verses Relaxed Jeans Vintage Blue & Saint Morta Hemisphere Suede Slip On Loafers Light Grey/White)

One of the big questions that is always asked when it comes to this silhouette is - Should you wear socks with your loafers?

There is no right answer to this as both are great options depending on what look you're going for. Wearing loafers without socks makes for a clean, streamlined, minimalist look ideal for casual and smart casual outfits. If wanting to pair it up with socks, ensuring you're wearing pants that sit just on the ankle and wearing a sock that contrasts well with the loafers. If going sockless, ensure you keep your pant hem shorter and try to steer away from baggy trousers.

While slip on loafers may have developed a reputation as a formal menswear item, that’s simply not the case anymore. Think of them as what they are: a stylish and well-designed piece of footwear and go from there. Let the Hemisphere Slip On Loafers do all the talking and cop now both in-store and online exclusively at Culture Kings!

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