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As the weather starts to get cooler, we start searching for warmer garments and jackets to keep us cosy during the winter months. Puffersbomberscoats or varsity jackets, you name it - layering winter clothes is always appealing as it results in that effortless wintery fit and irreplaceable cosiness.

Every year, there are new styles hitting the Culture Kings windows and while all of our brands keep bringing in the hottest trends straight from the runway. There is one classic, timeless piece that is here to stay for years to come and that is definitely the Sherpa Jacket!

What is a Sherpa Jacket? 

Known for its fuzzy look and soft feel, Sherpa is a polyester fabric, also known as faux shearling. Popular due to its animal-friendly status and durability, sherpa is similar to real sheep’s wool only lighter and less bulky - overall, easier for everyday wear. Sherpa Jackets are without a doubt the one of the most popular jackets in the fashion game today due to the versatility it brings to any outfit. With a soft and chunky sherpa lining that will keep you warm, as well as a denim, cotton or suede exterior. It’s perfect for everyday wear as the longer silhouette covers your entire torso creating that perfect layered look seen on rap legends such as Drake.

Drake wearing Sherpa Jacket at Culture Kings

Saint Morta Sherpa Jackets:

Saint Morta are leading the charge when it comes to the styles they have available across the sherpa range. While they have all the classic denim styles as seen on Drake above, they take the design innovation to the next level with jackets like the Camo Sherpa, Prima Sherpa, Lover Denim Sherpa and Paisley Skulls Sherpa Jackets. Featuring fire all over prints, fine embroidered details or flannel style prints in trending colourways, it’s easy to see why Saint Morta are dominating this space! 

Best Sherpa Jackets from the brand Saint Morta

Alongside these must cops, Saint Morta have always found a way to take things to another level and this is shown through the Imperial Sherpa Biker Jacket & Renegade Sherpa Biker Jacket. Still featuring the classic sherpa lining, these are both dripped out in a plush faux suede outer, biker style panels and piping throughout to bring dimension to the jacket. Be sure to secure one of these at Culture Kings while stocks last!

Suede Biker Sherpa Jackets
@culturekings You CANNOT go past the Saint Morta Sherpa Jackets 😍🔥 #fyp #culturekings #jackets #outfit #xyzbca ♬ original sound - Culture Kings

Full Sherpa Jacket Collection:

However, Saint Morta aren’t the only one’s at Culture Kings who know how to make a Sherpa Jacket to help your outfit stand out from the crowd. We have brands like Adidas, En Es, Starter, Pyra, Tommy Jeans and more creating incredible sherpa jackets unlike anything that's been seen before. Whether it's a Leather Sherpa Jacket or something that's completely reversible giving you two jackets for the price of one, Culture Kings is your one-stop shop to cop any style you're looking for. 

Sherpa Jackets from brands at Culture Kings like Adidas, En Es, Pyra, Wndrr and Tommy Jeans

How To Style A Sherpa Jacket:

Comfort isn’t the only reason why we love Sherpa (although it’s a big one). The beauty of Sherpa Jackets is that there are so many ways to style them. By letting the Sherpa be the highlight piece of your outfit you can pair this up with clean blacks and whites, but depending on the design you choose there are easy ways to incorporate colour into your fit as well. 

It can be dressed down by layering it over your favourite top and pairing it with loose cargos and sneakers. Or it can be dressed up by wearing a nicely fitted long-sleeve tee or knitted sweater underneath, with denim and boots for an event. These jackets provide something for everyone and every dress code; you’ll never get sick of wearing them.

Dressed Down:

Left Outfit (@chaseclaypool): 

- Prima Sherpa Jacket (Black/Navy)
- Rodman Skulls Tee (White)
- #BeenTrill# Revolve Shoulder Bag (Black) 
Ripped Jeans (Light Blue)
- Air Jordan 1 Low Fragment x Travis Scott

Middle Flatlay: 

- Camo Sherpa Jacket
- Sherpa Denim Jacket (Black/White)
Day Of The Dead Hoodie (Vintage Black)
- Sherpa Denim Jacket (Light Blue/White)

Right Outfit (@reecebowden): 

- Paisley Skulls Sherpa Jacket (Black/Black)
- Forbidden Lafayette Vintage Tee (Vintage Black)
- Black Jeans
- Nike Dunk Lows (Black/Yellow)

Dressed Up: 

Left Outfit (@kristopherdavis_):

- Prima Sherpa Jacket (Brown)
- Daggers Lafayette T-Shirt (Black/Silver)
- Bandana Summum Jean (Black/White)
- Legion Boot (Black)

Middle Outfit (@kylebeaumont89):

- Tartan Sherpa Denim Jacket (Black/Red)
- Alpha Homora Shirt (White)
- Tarta Summum Jean (Black/Red)

Right Outfit (@marsheezy06):

- Suede Sherpa Jacket (Tan)
- Vatos Tee (Black)
- Diamond Summum Jean (Black)
- Revenant Boot (Black)


Stay warm and stylish this winter with our range of World Exclusive Sherpa Jackets that are only available online and in-store at Culture Kings! 

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