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The NBA Playoffs - what a time to be alive! We're here to give you our thoughts on the 2nd Round, our predictions on who takes out both the Conference & NBA Finals, as well as showcasing some of the hottest fits shown throughout the Playoffs thus far and where you can cop these items 🔥

2nd Round Playoffs Overview:

Okay, so let's get things started with a quick overview of how things turned out after the completion of the 2nd round. Over six games, the Miami Heat beat the Philadelphia 76ers and the Golden State Warriors bested the Memphis Grizzlies. While some would argue major injuries to the stars of each franchise in Joel Embiid & Ja Morant definitely played a part in these victories, both the Heat and Warriors had major playoff performances across the park that proved too much for the eliminated teams.

Whereas, it made it all the way to the all or nothing Game 7 in the series' between the Dallas Mavericks/Phoenix Suns and the Boston Celtics/Miluakee Bucks. Luka Doncic from the Mavs was a machine that could not be stopped, at one point early on even outscoring the entire Suns team on his own 30-27. While the reigning NBA champion Miluakee Bucks and 2 x MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo gave it their all, across the series it was a team effort, with stars like Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Grant Williams stepping up from the Boston Celtics to get the job done. 


Eastern & Western Conference Finals: 

After what was an absolutely action packed second round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs, the Eastern & Western Conference Finals are now set! With the Miami Heat & the Boston Celtics set to match up in the East and the Golden State Warriors & the Dallas Mavericks facing off in the West. Do you want to know who we think is going to take it out? 

Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks

While Luka and the Mavericks have been on fire these playoffs, we can't see Golden State losing this one. With the experience of some of the players in these playoff situations and the new Death Lineup they currently have running on all cylinders with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins & Draymond Green, it's going to be too much to handle.

PREDICTION: Golden State Warriors 4-1 Dallas Mavericks

NBA Western Conference Finals 2022

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat

An absolute defensive battle with the Heat and the Celtics, should definitely prove to be a close. With massive individual matchups across the entire floor, with stars like, Jimmy Butler & Jayson Tatum, Kyle Lowry & Marcus Smart or Tyler Herro & Jaylen Brown going head to head, there's a whole lot to take in. While we know a lot of people will say, you should never count out the Miami Heat, we've got Boston taking this one out in a very close 7 game series. 

PREDICTION: Boston Celtics 4-3 Miami Heat

NBA Eastern Conference Finals 2022

Tunnel Fit Features: 

The NBA Tunnel Walk has easily become one of the menswear world's most influential runways, particularly when it comes to streetwear fashion. From the first round of the NBA Playoffs until now, players have seemingly been rocking fits that are either available or exclusively available to Culture Kings through the infamous tunnel walks. Check out the inspiration below so you know what to cop with your next purchase: 

Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics)

Jayson Tatum best outfits

 (Jayson Tatum Outfit Featuring: Lifted Anchors State Chenille Varsity Jacket)

Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns)

Chris Paul style

(Chris Paul Outfit Featuring: SOLD OUT Goat Crew Peace & Love Trucker Hat)

Jalen Brunson (Dallas Mavericks

Jalen Brunson dallas mavericks

Jalen Brunson Outfits Featuring: 

1. Goat Crew X Street Fighter M. Bison Vintage T-Shirt
2. Freddie Gibbs Indio Space Rabbit Vintage T-Shirt & Saint Morta Kingdom Sweat Shorts
3. Rats Get Fat Sinner Not Saints Vintage T-Shirt
4. American Thrift X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Poster Vintage T-Shirt

Jaren Jackson (Memphis Grizzlies)

Jaren Jackson and Ja Morant style

 (Jaren Jackson Outfit Featuring: Rodman Skulls T-Shirt)

Anthony Edwards (Minnesotta Timberwolves)

Anthony Edwards style

(Anthony Edwards Outfit Featuring: XXIII Syracuse Tweed Jacket & XXIII Tweed Shorts)

Devante Graham (New Orlean Pelicans)

Devante Graham style

(Devante Graham Outfit Featuring: Saint Morta Collector Leather Biker Jacket & Saint Morta Snake Rhinestone T-Shirt)

Ishmail Wainwright (Phoenix Suns)

Ishmail Wainwright
(Ishmail Wainwright Outfit Featuring: After School Special x NBA Phoenix Suns T-Shirt)

Now we've given our picks for the Conference Finals winners, what are your thoughts? If our prediction stands correct, we've got Golden State bringing back the glory to San Francisco and Stephen Curry getting his first Finals MVP!

PREDICTION: Golden State 4-2 Boston Celtics

If your team is already out of the playoffs and you really don't care who wins, you can definitely elevate your own tunnel fits like the NBA players above by shopping at Culture Kings in-store or online

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