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It Was A Duking Good Time: Peking Duk In Brissy

It Was A Duking Good Time: Peking Duk In Brissy

Peking Duk brought their headline tour to Brisbane on Saturday and it was one to remember. Packing out the undercover stage of RNA Showgrounds, absolute Aussie ledges Peking Duk began the hype by playing the 20th Century Fox opening followed by the Jurassic Park Theme (to go with their whole concept) , and then opening the show with 'Fake Magic'. With fireworks, smoke machines and lasers, the energy was through the roof as Brisbane got lit to some classic Aussie EDM. 

A couple (many) margaritas deep, we danced our way through the first few songs: 'Wasted', 'Sugar', and 'Let You Down' as well as a never-before-heard tune which is sure to be a club anthem when it drops. 

Adam, Reuben and the rest of the crew were decked out in some new arrivals from CK - mainly the Kappa 222 Banda Charlton SS Tee and Kappa Authentic Buorg shorts. "Brisbane is the best!" Adam screamed at the crowd, probably just because he loved his fit. "I'm blessed to be standing on the stage in front of you beautiful cunts". Name something more Aussie, I dare you. 

Although 'Say My Name' brought some flashbacks to that sporting ad it's used in (Cricket? Footy? honestly idk), the whole concert had the same energy as a school disco; you're all ready to get fuckin rowdy on something a lil bit illegal. 

After playing some "old shit from the archives", we rediscovered the tune 'Feels Like' which was - and still is - an absolute summer BANGER. 'Fire' was hyped as, and then they played a cover of 'Song 2' by Blur, making everyone crouch and jump for the drop. 


The encore kicked off with an acoustic guitar cover of 'Take Me Over', and then a quick shoutout to Culture Kings for the dope fits before finishing the night with 'Stranger' and 'High'. 

All in all, it was a pretty sweet way to spend a Saturday night. If you want to dress like the pair of loose units, check out our Kappa collection. 

Culture Kings Kappa

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