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Gucci Mane Talks Probation, Clones & More In Latest Interview

Gucci Mane Talks Probation, Clones & More In Latest Interview

Rapper Gucci Mane recently sat down with GQ for a new interview to talk about his life post-prison. He left federal jail 3 years ago as a new man, now sober, lean and healthy. Now, for the first time, he's able to get out of the country. 

Mane was on probation for a long time amid a slew of legal challenges including selling drugs and murder after he killed an attacker after being ambushed in 2005. 

He said: "It's very challenging, to be an artist, a hip-hop artist, and be on probation," he explained.... Every time anything happens—you violated probation. It's hard to be on probation and travel. You gotta be so responsible. And at that stage of my life, I wasn't that responsible. It was too much for me."

When asked about that the theory that Gucci had been replaced by a clone, he said: "In a way I feel like I grew. I kind of morphed into a different person. Shed some of my old ways. I can say I grew up. I love the person I was, I love the person I am, and I love the person I grew to be. I tried to lose weight, I tried to take care of myself, change my thinking, my environment and associates—the ones that wasn't benefitting me. I guess that's the transformation everybody's saying they can't believe. But I can believe it... Sometimes people kind of want you to fail. They wanna see you fall. I get it. People love to see tragedy." 

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