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Goat Crew Celebrates South Parks 25th Anniversary

Goat Crew Celebrates South Parks 25th Anniversary

Goat Crew continue producing the heat, with their official collaboration with South Park! 

In celebration of South Parks 25th Anniversary, Goat Crew will be releasing a vintage-inspired capsule featuring their iconic graphic t-shirts, crewnecks and truckers. 

The collection includes all of your fave characters including Cartman, Kenny, Kylie, Stan, Towelie and many more! 

 The Collection

Kenny Tee  

"Oh my God! They killed Kenny! You bastard!" Probably the most iconic line in South Parks history, is immortalised with this vintage-inspired Kenny Tee, with full frontal and back graphics. 

Kyle Tee 

Kyle Broflovski has always been considered one of the most intelligent children in South Park, and whenever crazy things are happening in South Park, Kyle and his super best friend, Stan, are there to provide the voice of reason and help resolve problems. With this vintage-inspired Kyle Tee, with full frontal graphics. 

Stan Tee 

Stanley "Stan" Marsh has always been your comparatively average all-American fourth grader... who happens to live in one of the most fucked up places on Earth (South Park). With this vintage-inspired Stan Tee, with full frontal graphics and back graphics featuring his idiot dad Randy. 

Cartman Tee

Cartman is the fat, self-centered asshole in the group, often concocting schemes to make money and/or procure Colonel's chicken. He absolutely hates Kyle, despises hippies, and can't stand Family Guy. With full frontal graphics and back graphics featuring Cartman and him in his many forms.

Lets Fighting Love Tee

Originating from the Good Times With Weapons episode, the Lets Fighting Love tee, is based on a song performed by Trey Parker in a faux Japanese accent in J-pop when the boys buy martial arts weapons from a vendor at the fair. 

See the Tee below 

Group Hood

This tee celebrates the boys! Featuring 4 of the most iconic kids to ever grace our televisions. Introducing the Group Hood. 

 Satan Hood 

Despite being the ruler of hell, Satan is sometimes depicted as an anti-villain or even a hero. This is due to his soft, sensitive and understanding nature that is commonly shown in the series and the movie. 

South Park Crews

Featuring all the main characters these crewnecks are in the earthy tones of green and brown, finished off with bolt collegiate font across the chest. 

 The Truckers 

Adding to our ever evolving trucker collection, we introduce 3 new South Park truckers, including everyones fave Towelie! 

Will you be celebrating the 25th Anniversary with us? Shop Now  

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