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Flat Brim Hats vs Curved Brim Hats

Flat Brim Hats vs Curved Brim Hats

The big old debate that you and the squad have probably argued over. Flat brim hats or curved brim hats? It can be a hard one to pick. We are aware that trends do come and go, but one thing for sure is that they’re both unique to themselves. Read on as we uncover the benefits of both flat and curved brim styles, and how the new CK hat curving band can help!

Flat Brim vs Curved Brim Hats

At Culture Kings, we have a big range on offer for both flat brims and curved brim hats. Both boast great qualities in their respective features. A flat brim screams, “I’m here to party.” It’s modern and street, and even a little rebellious. The curved brim hat is a functional piece, often associated with the traditional baseball cap. This type of hat comes in many classic forms. 

Flat Brim Hats 

Flat brim hats can be a great streetwear piece if you want to make a bold statement. Find them in fitted shapes or in a snapback style! Adjustable or fitted closures - you’ll find classic styles across the NBA, MLB, NFL and more. It serves as more than just sun shade, it’s a fashion statement. 

Curved Brim Hats 

Curved brim hats boast trust and functionality. A curved cap can be perfect for topping off a vintage inspired outfit. As always, you’ll find staple brands and team in our collection including the New York Yankees, LA DodgersBoston Red Sox and more.

Vintage inspired outfits topped off with new era headwear

CK Hat Curving Band

Have you ever wondered how to curve a hat brim? Are you wanting a curved hat but only have a flat brimmed hat in the wardrobe? Wait no more, Culture Kings has got you covered with the latest Hat Curving Band.

This latest innovation comes from our internal team of headwear advocates who saw a chance to effectively rework flat brims into curved blims. No longer do you have to get your hands dirty, as the hat curving band does the job for you. 

With this hat bender, you can finally achieve your ideal curve feature as the snap closure can be adjusted to your desired level. Wait no more for your favourite fit.

How To Use The Hat Curving Band 

  1. Place the hat curving band at the top part of the visor, pulling the snap arms down.
  2. Lock using the snap arms to your desired curve shape.
  3. Leave locked for 1 hour or more for your desired curve.
  4. Unlock snap arms and remove.


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Curving Your Flat Brim By Hand

Want to give it a go with your own hands first before trying our hat bender? Bring it back to your nostalgic high school days with our video tutorial

Culture Kings Headwear Collection

All in all, our headwear collection is one of the best offerings in the world. With a wide range of flat brim and curved brim hats and caps to choose from, you’re sure to find something that's truly you. 

Don’t miss out on the world exclusives we stock, where you won’t find anywhere else! If you’ve already made up your mind on whether you’re team flat or team curved, go ahead and start your shopping journey!

New Era Collection 

Find inspiration within one of our best selling brands New Era. The collection is focused on hats and caps, where you can find all the curved and flat styles you’re after! But that’s not all, there’s a huge range of clothing on offer as well that will promise drip for seasons to come.

True technical specialists in the headwear space, these hats and caps can not be missed. Browse and shop the most famous fits by the brand including 9FORTY, 39THIRTY, 9FIFTY and 59FIFTY.

Creative flatlays of new era brand headwear exclusive to Culture Kings

By now, you should have a few ideas in mind on how you want to style your next headwear piece. A crucial part of the streetwear outfit, you will be in a good position either way with a curved brim hat or flat brim hat.

With a huge range on offer and true specialist brands like New Era to look after you, Culture Kings is the spot for all you headwear fanatics out there.

Have a flat brim already but no longer want to run with the look? Say no more, cop a hat bender today from Culture Kings!

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