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Draft Day - 1st Draft

Draft Day - 1st Draft

Ever woken up hungover on a Monday, late for work and thought - "Fuck this, I'm going for a skate." ?

Count yourself lucky to have crossed paths with Draft Day then, 'cause you're a match made in a non-existent heaven.

Draft Day's creators describe the brand to us as "politically poignant statement streetwear pieces that are deeply rooted in the nonconformist "FUCK SOCIETY" attitude of skate culture. The graphic art of Draft Day is full of educated and socially conscious political meanings. It resonates powerfully with customers who don't accept that society has to be the way it is and live life against the grain." And looking through the first range, 1st Draft, truer words have never been spoken.

If you immerse yourself with the thriving yet often inconspicuous cultures of street, skate, surf and art, many of these pieces are sure to strike a chord with you. Passion for the aforementioned is evident in these high quality stitch and print designs and we are only days away from making them all available to you.

Draft Day is available in store & online here!
Remember -There is more to the world than what we are being taught and told.
Avoid pedestrians, politicians and scooter kids.
Stay Drafted.

Designer: Harry Hambone
Photographers: Todd O'Rourke & Delong Lin.
Props to all the skate rats at Coops' Skate Park, 22/5/2015.

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