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Customise Your Jewellery With Raising Hell

Customise Your Jewellery With Raising Hell

Love wearing multiple necklaces to change up your look but hate getting your chains all tangled up? Layering has never been easier with the Stainless Steel 18kt Gold Plated Raising Hell 4 Chain Customisable Clasp!  ⁠

While Culture Kings has stocked customisable jewellery such as the Saint Morta Custom Alpha Range and Your Custom Loiter Chains, we've never had a customisable clasp until now! We know what you're thinking - what is a customisable clasp? Essentially this piece features an internal magnet for it to be separated to allow you to simply link your chains onto the clasp, before joining the piece back together for a tangle-free experience. Also, being stainless steel 18kt gold plated this is able to blend in seamlessly with all your gold jewellery on offer. With 4 possible chain attachments, you can mix and match your chains to create that perfect layering effect!

All you need to do is attach the side of the customisable clasp that has jump clasps to the necklace end with ring links and then the side of the clasp with ring links to the end of your necklace with the jump clasp. Then you just repeat the process whether you want to layer up with 4 different necklaces or only put together a couple. Check out the video below to see exactly how this works together to allow each necklace to shine on it's own when layering ✨





1) 1mm x 14" Customisable Cable Necklace
2) 1mm x 17" Customisable Cable Necklace
3) 2mm x 15" Customisable Figaro Necklace
4) 2mm x 17" Customisable Figaro Necklace
5) 2mm x 14" Customisable Long Cable Necklace
6) 2mm x 15" Customisable Tennis Necklace
7) 2mm x 15" Customisable Twist Necklace

There are 35 ways you can combine these 18k gold plated necklaces necklaces on this clasp without any repetitions, so you can always find a way to switch up your look. However, it's important to note that each customisable necklace can be a necklace ON ITS OWN. It does not need the Customisable Clasp to function as a necklace. The clasp only offers an easy way to organise 4 x chains into one necklace without tangling up.

Create the perfect statement pieces to tie back with all your classics looks and cop the Raising Hell Customisable Clasp and Chains now in-store & online at Culture Kings! 

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