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Cubs Struggle To Live Up To Movie Prediction!

Cubs Struggle To Live Up To Movie Prediction!

Perhaps some "Back to the Future" magic can help the Cubs. The 1989 "Back to the Future Part II" movie made the bold prediction that the Cubs would clinch a World Series on Oct. 21, 2015. Wednesday is also "Back to the Future" Day. 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the trilogy that brought the future to the present. Some of the other predictions made in the "Back to the Future" franchise were on the money, including flat screen TVs and smart glasses. Self-drying jackets, shoes that lace themselves and the Cubs winning the World Series have yet to come. Cubs fans were disappointed by Tuesday night's 5-2 loss, but they haven't given up hope.
But are the ups and downs of the season creating stress for fans? No matter if you are a MLB fan, a Cubs fan or a Back to the Future fan, the possibility (a long shot it may be at the moment) is a fascinating story and one we would all like to see continue on further into the post-season!ls
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