Cop Some AirPods 2 Memes 💲🤑💰

Cop Some AirPods 2 Memes 💲🤑💰

If you missed out on getting the OG AirPods from Apple, don't worry. You can now flex even harder with the drop of AirPods 2 - the second generation of wireless headphone drip. 

The biggest difference between these and the first generation will be the optional Qi-compatible wireless charging case, a standard non-wireless charging case is also available as an option. Apple promises "more than 24 hours of total listening time" with a single charge and "up to three hours of listening time" with just a 15-minute charge which sounds fake but ok. 

You can either upgrade your OG AirPods to the new case or just throw caution and a house deposit to the wind and cop a fresh new pair. Sayonara, life savings. Hello, the ultimate flex™️. Let's look at some AirPods 2 memes. 



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