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In The Bag: The Conceited Interview & What He Copped

In The Bag: The Conceited Interview & What He Copped

World famous 'Wild 'n Out' battle rapper Conceited dropped in for an in-store appearance, catching up with fans from far and wide while browsing the Culture Kings' shelves. A massive addition, the Culture Kings team were able to interview the man himself, digging deep into his time on Wild 'n Out, his favourite kicks and a ton of other exclusive content. 

While in store, Conceited copped a stack of merch, including Timberlands in both Black and Wheat colourways, the near-mythical Black Cat Air Jordan 4s, various NBA All Star mech and two pairs of extremely rare Supreme track pants, coming in at over $300 apiece. You can check out the full collection here and cop the same gear as Conceited. 

Hugely known for an influential career in battle rapping, Conceited drew fans of all kinds to CK Sydney, whilst also pulling in sneaker heads everywhere. A sneaker fanatic, Conceited himself has admitted thousands on thousands of spend securing the greatest and rarest kicks - more info on that down below in the exclusive interview. Full photos will be available on the Sydney Facebook page soon.

As promised, the full Conceited interview is down below, where he details career progression, favourite kicks, annual spend on footwear, big beefs and a veteran mentality for lyricism, how to get there and how to maintain it.


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