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Check Out The New Culture Kings Collection With Miami Ink Artist 🔥

Check Out The New Culture Kings Collection With Miami Ink Artist 🔥

The Rats Get Fat x Ami James collaboration has landed at Culture Kings. This new collection features designs by the legendary Ami James; American tattoo artist, founder of Miami Ink, television personality and entrepreneur. If you love the intricate designs or just a fan of the man himself, then this range of apparel from Rats Get Fat and Ami James is the choice for you!

This is the biggest collaboration Rats Get Fat has ever done, providing you with 10 insane pieces to choose from including muscles, tees and a long sleeve in classic monochrome with some pops of colour. 

Scroll down for our EXCLUSIVE interview with the best artist out of Miami.  

Ami James Rats Get Fat

Who are you, where are you from?

My name is Ami James, I’m a tattooer from Miami and New York City. I’m here in Sydney and it's pretty nice.

What go you into Tattooing?

Umm.. I got into tattooing about 25 years ago. I’ve been an artist my whole life, I eventually found an outlet to be able to still do what I love doing and make a living from it. It’s a passion, something that becomes a lifestyle, I’m still doing it 25 years later. I can’t believe I can say that but yeah, I’m still here.

What’s your favourite hobby?

These days I think surfing is my favourite hobby. I still love boxing, still love going to the gym, Jiu-jitsu and everything but I get a lot less hurt surfing. I find landing on water is a lot more forgiving.

You might not want to say... But Best and worst tattoo?

Best and worst tattoo on me… God Damn. I'm full of worse, I’ve got a few of the best but a lot more of worse haha. Too many bad tattoos to count. You know, when you get tattooed back in the 80’s and 90’s you weren’t going to get gold. Most of the time you got bronze and a lot less than that. I have some good tattoos though, My stomach was done in Japan. I got a snake on my stomach by Horitoshi and that is probably my favourite.

What sets this range apart from the rest of the Rats Get Fat ranges?

This collaboration with Rats Get Fat was just something fun to do! First of all, I have never broken into the market of Australia and you’re looking for a brand that wants make something a little edgier and cooler, at the end of the day tattoos are street art. So its always nice to have street art make it to T-shirts you can wear, Not just tattoos on you but something on a tattoo shirt. Especially tattoo designs being on a T-shirt without being cheese ball. Without looking like a bedazzled fucking... Shit stain. Can I say that? I think ed hardy has a bigger f*cking time swallow that pill when they started bedazzling his designs. Considering he was one of the f*cking greatest artists in the world that ended up having to suffer the consequences of bedazzling shit… Poor Guy.

I want to get tattooed by you, where do I hit you up?

Don’t hit me up cause I'm about to retire! So if you want to get tattooed and it's not this year, it's probably going to be bad. But for the time, Miami and New York are mostly where I will be tattooing.


Ami also founded the iconic Instagram page @tattoodo and is a personal friend of us here at Culture Kings, even attending our store opening at Parramatta!


Ami James

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