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Cargo Shorts are back in Style?

Cargo Shorts are back in Style?


There has never been a question as to whether the Cargo Short was practical - with its handy pockets to carry essentials. But whether they’re on trend right now is another question. 

We saw in late 2021 significant brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton and Jacquemus send cargo shorts down the runway, making a statement across the globe that cargo shorts are back in trend. But this time we saw some cargos in a different light with different pockets and placements across the garment. 


So why are cargo shorts summer's must-have essential?

Cargo Shorts are the perfect combination between style and utility - something that a lot of shorts can't offer. With the people looking to head outdoors in the post Covid -19 climate, the fashion world has started emphasizing more and more utility. With brands like The North Face, Pyra, and The Anti - Order, gaining some significant momentum. With the cargo short being perfect for hiking, and outdoors, there is no doubt this will be a trend for years to come.

What are the best Cargo Shorts?  

There are many types of Cargo Shorts that are suited for multitude of occasions. So lets explore some that we have here at Culture Kings! 

 The Anti - Order - Reflective Man Made Cargo Shorts

This pair of cargos are lightweight, full of utility and authority. With 4 big pockets to carry your essentials. Designed functionality for your day. Whats cool about these is that they have reflective material, which is perfect for all you explorers out there! 


Carre - Dominateur Cargo Shorts

Want to have a cozy pair of Cargo Shorts, that don't sacrifice utility? The Carre - Dominateur Cargo Shorts are the best cargos for you! Made from 100% cotton, these shorts don't skip out on the cargo pockets on the leg, and keep the fit adjustable with the elastic waistband and drawstring toggle. Pair these with your fave hoodie and your fit is the perfect balance of comfit to versatility! 

Saint Morta - Leather Cargo Shorts

Saint Morta - Leather Cargo Short is something you have never seen before. This take on the Cargo Short certainly doesn't sacrifice style, elevating any fit to the next level. Now the beauty of this cargo short is that its composition is 100% leather, meaning you can wear this to the clubs during the hotter months! Finished off with key features like zipper detailing on the front pockets, cargo pockets, and an elastic drawstring waistband, you have a style  of cargo short that will elevate your style! 

How to Style Cargo Shorts 

There are a few ways to style Cargo Shorts, and it depends on the occasion.

If you're going full utility mode, we suggest pairing your The Anti - Order cargo shorts with the Pyra Terrain Windbreaker. Finish this off with some sneakers like Air Max 97, making your fit is the explorers dream! 



Want to keep it low key? Style the Carre - Dominateur Cargo Shorts with its matching Dominateur Cargo Hoodie, and some Air Force 1's. With this fit you can remain cozy when chilling at home, but keep it classy when you're out and about.


And finally the Saint Morta - Leather Cargo Short. Style this with a matching leather varsity jacket, we suggest The Saint Morta - Cremallera Leather Jacket, Day Of The Dead T-Shirt and some Black Air Force 1's


So, is it ok to wear Cargo Shorts? 

Functional and Stylish cargo shorts are here to stay, and with fashion moving towards more utility and outdoor items, we see these shorts being a timeless piece for years to come. 


So head online or in store and cop the best cargo shorts on the market! 






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