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Bow Wow Goes Crazy On Twitter, Threatens To Quit Rap & Gives Out Money

Bow Wow Goes Crazy On Twitter, Threatens To Quit Rap & Gives Out Money

Bow Wow, just... wow. The most vivid impression I have of Bow Wow is an episode of Catfish where someone convinced their online lady friend that they were Bow Wow and my immediate thought was "even if you thought for real that was Bow Wow, why did that work on you? Why would you want to date him? He's insane?" My idea of Bow Wow in this instance seems to be right, but I digress.

The rapper/actor Tweeted out some photos on Saturday of his girlfriend, to which a Twitter user reacted and called him a cheater. Probably not the best thing to ask a guy who is renown for sporadically going off at those who create situations out of him, but hey, it provides some entertainment for the rest of us. 

Here are the Tweets that began it all:





 And here are Bow Wow's responses. All Tweets have now been deleted, these were sourced from an article by Complex. 

Bow Wow

Bow WowAt one point, Bow Wow claims that he wants to give all his money away via Cash App. “Ima quit all this shit,” he wrote. “Down size my home. Sale everything. And go to work at gamestop. I’d probably be the happiest man in the world. Trade my cars in and buy a PROBE.”Bow Wow 

  Bow Wow

I mean, as long as he's happy, I guess. 

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