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Best DJs RN

Best DJs RN

Music and sport are our thing here at Culture Kings and we love a good DJ as much as the next guy. Peep our top picks of mainstream DJs!


Skrillex is headlining Listen Out festival this year and it's gonna be 🔥 Check out his remix of HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar. 


Marshmello follows on from the classic DJs that wear masks to cover their faces and we're really about it. 

Golden Features

This Aussie DJ is an absolute legend and makes some killer beats. Check out his track off his upcoming album. 


I dunno who hurt Zhu in the past, but his music is an amazing mix of heartbreak and killer beats. This track samples a conversation between ex-lovers that falls into a fire drop. 


Diplo is not only funny on Twitter, he makes a banger. He recently partnered with Mark Ronson and they dropped the banger 'Only Can Get Better', check it out!

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