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adidas VS Nike At Culture Kings

adidas VS Nike At Culture Kings

It's become a commonplace question among streetwear enthusiasts and sneaker heads alike: who do you rate better? adidas or Nike? 

The pair have faced multiple lawsuits, celebrity endorsement battles and issues with designers as their rivalry has continued throughout the years.

Despite adidas' resurgence due to collaborations and in particular the Yeezy Season project, Nike still manages to own 48% of the USA's footwear market with adidas' 9% share declining each year since 2011. But which one do you like better?

You can find both of these leading brands at Culture Kings and both adidas and Nike rep pretty different styles and products in stores and online despite what people may think. 

adidas has been in the forefront for it's streetwear approach to sportswear, stepping away from the latter and embracing the youth and their need for individual style. Footwear in particular for adidas has seen an emergence on the streets among young men and women with the Superstar and Gazelle in the spotlight and seen on the feet of many influential tastemakers.

Right now at Culture Kings you can cop track jackets and logo printed tees to represent that throwback essence. While also showcasing the instantly recognisable adidas 3-Stripes and Trefoil in every detail.

Nike have taken more of a sportswear approach to their aesthetic recently by offering the latest technology in fabrics and fits for clean-looking and practical designs. They still have an edge over their competitors, however, because of their famous Air Max footwear with their iconic Swoosh.

The latest Nike to drop at Culture Kings includes an array of Nike Tech sportswear including wind runners and jogger pants to keep you warm as you keep active. You can also find the latest Nike footwear ranging from Air Max LD-Zeros to Air Huaraches, Classic Cortez and more.

When you compare these two influential brands to each other, although they may seem to have similar products and branding, when you really pull them apart, they're striving for a different feel from the other which makes it a little easier to decide which one you personally prefer.

Shop both adidas and Nike online and in stores at Culture Kings and take a look for yourself so you can decide which brand you like better.

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