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6ix9ine's Label Reveals Their Strategy That Made Him Famous

6ix9ine's Label Reveals Their Strategy That Made Him Famous

Ahead of controversial rapper Tekashi 69's upcoming federal trial, the Eastern European rap label FCK THEM behind 6ix9ine opened up about their marketing plan to (successfully) make 6ix9ine famous.

In an interview with Vulture, Slovakian businessman Yaksha spoke about his indie rap label that represented 6ix9ine called FCK THEM. Their first step was to take his talents overseas where Yaksha and FCK THEM established him as a credible artist. They also helped break him in America by guiding and promoting his first hit singles 'Poles1469' and 'Gummo'.

They used an "off-kilter marketing plan," which they called "From Europe Back to America." Utilising a look that was "acceptable in the US", 6ix9ine shocked audiences in Eastern Europe that then generated publicity and money to go back to the states.

"His first fan base was from Europe. It was from Slovakia and Czech Republic, very small countries in Europe. And yes, it was his first fan base. And our plan was take his music to Europe, here he will grow up and after it, he will come back to US and he will continue in his career."

Despite everything he did for the rapper, 6ix9ine still ended up in trouble.

"A lot of people were writing me [on Instagram] saying I should have taken more care of him, I should have taken him back to Europe," Yaksha said. "His big mistake — he liked the attention of the gang. He liked the attention of the people selling heroin, shooting people. He trolled his way into the jail." 

The FCK THEM label is working on a documentary from their point of view.

"I want to show people 6ix9ine like artist," Yaksha said. "The humble guy. And we want to show the genius part about him. But it should not be romantic, like, he’s the good hero. We don’t want to make a story that nobody believes. Everything should be true, in the good way we experienced it."

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