Off-White Is Coming To CK For Air Max Day 🔥

Off-White Is Coming To CK For Air Max Day 🔥

Nike Air Max Day 2019 is fast approaching and we here at Culture Kings are hyped as to celebrate the iconic silhouette that is the Nike Air Max. Honouring the day the Air Max 1 first released - Tuesday, March 26th - means celebrating one of the most important days in streetwear and fashion; the Nike Air Max is one of the most essential sneakers in the game. 

Culture Kings is not just turning it up for Air Max Day but we are doing it all with Air Max Week, starting on Saturday, March 23rd and ending on Air Max Day. ANYONE who wears Nike Air Max sneakers in one of our stores during this period will get a free Gold Token which they can use to play the Holy Grails machines and WIN a pair of hyped Air Maxes!

Nike's plans for an Air Max Day release were unfortunately canned, but we're still bringing the fire by helping you cop some OG sneaks that are worth the hype. We have pulled four of the highest resell-value Air Maxes from our CK Vault for you to win and win BIG.

Check out what's up for grabs... 


Nike Air Max Day

Want to win big? Check out where your nearest store is and cop some insane Nike Air Max HEAT!

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