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Ultimate Streetwear Guide for 2022

Ultimate Streetwear Guide for 2022

Whether you're new to streetwear or looking at how to keep up with all the trends we're here to help with the ultimate streetwear guide for 2022! 

What's Streetwear? 

Streetwear is a strange and complex beast that has notoriously made a big jump in recent years, going from cult followings to an icon in the world of luxury fashion. Where did this come from? A lot of people believe this started with the sub culture of skateboarding during that era along with its roots in music with the growth of hip-hop culture over the years. 

Today, streetwear has a multi-faceted persona, mixing casual look, ready-to-wear fashion, and often luxury paired with exclusivity.

Culture Kings is the home of all of it being world famous for streetwear, providing the outfits and pieces to create the best streetwear aesthetic possible.  

What You Need To Know About Streetwear In 2022

While there are a million trends and suggestions we can make when it comes to streetwear, we thought we'd go over the absolute must know topics from top to bottom.

We're going to run you over the varsity jacket trend, the best hoodies of 2022, Graphic Tees, Cargos and how to style Jordan 1's. Let's get into it!


Looking for that jacket to help you stand out and get you through the winter months but not sure what to get? Two words... Varsity Jackets!

There’s nothing better than investing in an all-weather statement piece like a varsity jacket when you’re looking to be in the spotlight.

Whether you’re going to hang with your friends or on a date, having the perfect jacket can ensure you look stylish no matter where you go. Looking for the latest varsity jackets? Read our previous blog post on Trending Varsity Jackets!

Streetwear Varsity Jackets




Hoodies are a necessary staple in your winter wardrobe rotation. Easily layered, pair with your favourite NBA jersey and cargo pants. Effortless style, a hoodie is the perfect asset for your streetwear style.

With winter right around the corner, Culture Kings has pulled together 10 of our best hoodies available for the season ahead for 2022!

Don't sleep on any of these hoodies as they'll be gone before you know it, already flying off the shelves and into packages as you're reading this right now 📦

Best Hoodies to shop


A graphic t-shirt can tell a thousand stories. 

They're the most direct way to visually express something about you. The graphics can show places you’ve been, music you listen to, the shows and movies you like!

Streetwear wouldn't be what it is today without the iconic graphic tee. Cop a couple in different colours to reflect your mood, and you'll always have a streetwear 'fit. 

With Culture Kings having one of the widest graphic t-shirt collections on the planet, they can be a key piece in letting you tell your story! 

world's best graphic tees

Here's Our Favourite Graphic Tee Brands:

- Goat Crew

- American Thrift

- Music Merch

- Loiter

- Rodman

- Mitchell & Ness



There has never been a question as to whether the Cargos were practical - with its handy pockets to carry essentials. 

But whether they're a fashion trend is something that people have been debating over the years. But now more than ever both Cargo Shorts and Cargo Pants are without a doubt back in the game.

Cargo Shorts are the perfect combination between style and utility - something that a lot of shorts can't offer. Whereas Cargo Pants are bottoms that can essentially be paired with any streetwear fit, particularly when going for that baggy look. 

Functional and Stylish cargos are here to stay, and with fashion moving towards more utility and versatility when it comes to styling, we see these shorts and pants being timeless pieces for years to come.  

5. Jordan 1's 

When it comes to Air Jordan 1 Highs, Mids or Lows, it's easy to let the sneakers do all the talking, however, it's best to avoid this.

Low, Mid and High Jordan 1's

With so many Air Jordan 1 colourways out there it can be hard to give specific instructions on what to wear with your kicks. Although there is a solution and that's keeping your fits neutral. A black or white top, blue or black jeans, and you will be set.

A lot of times, this looks much cleaner than trying to match the exact shade of red or blue from head to toe. Overly coordinated fits tend to do the opposite of what you intend but there are always exceptions.

Our best recommendation would be getting a Graphic T-shirt with subtle details that use the same colours instead of buying a brightly coloured T-shirt to go with your 1s.

There really are so many different ways to wear Jordan 1's! Whether it's for that summer fit with shorts, socks and a graphic tee or finishing off that winter look layering up with cargo pants, hoodie and jacket

Whether you want to wear pants a little more tapered and cropped to show off the Jordan or some stylish baggier fitting pants for a street look. 

The most important thing when it comes to styling Jordan 1s is to wear them confidently and your outfits will look great no matter what. 

Looking for more style tips? Read our article on How To Style Jordans!

So there you have it - the Ultimate Streetwear Guide for 2022.

Now you know exactly how to go about the biggest trends of the year in streetwear.

Shop at Culture Kings in-store or online and elevate your streetwear aesthetic by following these tips 🔥

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