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How To Style Jordan 1's

How To Style Jordan 1's

Let’s say you finally get your hands on a pair of Air Jordan 1’s you’ve been wanting for a while. You put them on foot and realise, “you know what, these really don’t look as good on me as I thought they would” or you just want to improve the way you wear your Jordan 1’s. Either way this blog is for you, if you feel like you’re not wearing your Jordan 1s to their full potential, or don’t know where to start. 


Michael Jordan wearing Jordan 1's on court

There are fewer sneakers more widely respected than the Air Jordan 1. Since its debut on the court in 1985 from the GOAT, Michael Jordan, the sneaker has become a staple in both the streetwear and high fashion game around the world. Whether it’s the large range of stand alone Air Jordan 1 colourways, collaborations with brands such as Off-White, Supreme and Dior, to celebrity collabs like the Travis Scott 1’s, it’s easy to see why the popularity of the Air Jordan 1 has only continued to grow each and every year since then.  

Best Air Jordan 1 collaborations

Jordan 1 Highs vs Mids vs Lows

Before we get into it, what should you try cop - highs, mids, or lows

While we understand the Nike Air Jordan 1 High is almost everyone's favourite silhouette of the bunch due to how timeless it is. However, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Lows and Mids definitely shouldn't be ignored with an abundance of colourways to help take your fit to the next level. 

Air Jordan 1 Lows vs Mids vs Highs

Air Jordan 1 Highs

As mentioned the Air Jordan 1 High is a timeless silhouette and without a doubt the hardest to get your hands on due to the popularity. This is for good reason, with Retro OG colourways, new colourways and branded collaborations, being seen on celebrities and fashion icons everywhere.

Air Jordan 1 Mocha's

Air Jordan 1 Mids

Mids are without a doubt the most controversial pair of J1, with some people tending to hate on the style due to not being the original style as well as the availability. However, we feel like this is completely undeserved, with a lot more unique colourways and being more accessible to the public, these are always must cops. Fun fact: People only dislike the mids because everyone says to dislike them. Wear what you like to wear!

Best Air Jordan 1 Mids

Air Jordan 1 Lows

The J1 low has seen a recent spike in popularity, but it still usually a little harder to get your hands on due to less releases and not as many colourways. However, the low-cut silhouette is a great option for a very wearable shoe and is perfect for summer when paired with shorts.  

Best Air Jordan 1 Lows

Styling Tips

When it comes to Air Jordan 1’s, it's easy to let the sneakers do all the talking, however, it's best to avoid this. Trust us… we get it, having the most limited or expensive Air Jordan 1’s in your collection is probably one of the best feelings in the world. However, the last thing you want to do is neglect the rest of your outfit. While having a fire pair of sneakers can bring your outfit from like a 3 to a 10, what’s on your body is just as important to help compliment your full fit. 

With so many Air Jordan 1 colourways out there it can be hard to give specific instructions on what to wear with your kicks. Although there is a solution and that's keeping your fits neutral. A black or white top, blue or black jeans, and you will be set. A lot of times, this looks much cleaner than trying to match the exact shade of red or blue from head to toe. Overly coordinated fits tend to do the opposite of what you intend but there are always exceptions. Our best recommendation would be getting a Graphic T-shirt with subtle details that use the same colours instead of buying a brightly coloured T-shirt to go with your 1s.

There really are so many different ways to wear Jordan 1's! Whether it's for that summer fit with shorts, socks and a graphic tee or finishing off that winter look layering up with cargo pants, hoodie and jacket. Whether you want to wear pants a little more tapered and cropped to show off the Jordan or some stylish baggier fitting pants for a street look. The most important thing when it comes to styling Jordan 1s is to wear them confidently and your outfits will look great no matter what. 

How To Lace Air Jordan 1’s 

The Air Jordan 1 in particular is one of the pairs that you often see laced a handful of ways, probably because they come unlaced out of the box. No way is necessarily more acceptable than the others, however, there are two ways that are more commonly seen. First option is simply crossing over laces to the top and tying up, for a secure fit. The other is keeping the laces loose all the way up the sneaker to the top two eyelets and letting them slightly hang off the ends untied. Shorter laces may be needed, so you don’t have too much excess and can allow the laces to remain loose and untied. This is arguably the best way to style it because it shows more of the laces and keeps the shoe a little more secure while still being relaxed.

How To Lace Air Jordan 1s

If you're looking for a way to stand out from the pack, you can easily do this with a lace swap. This is something that is becoming more and more popular, with pairs now coming with a second pair of laces in some cases. LaceSpace at Culture Kings has a whole range of laces that'll have your kicks looking incredible, whether you're trying to tie it in to your fit or compliment the sneaker colourway a little more. 

Switch Laces in Air Jordan 1s

How To Avoid Creasing Your Jordan's

You shouldn't be afraid of some creases on the toe box of your J's to the point they never come out of the box and on your feet! However, there are ways to keep your sneakers as fresh as possible other than the "tip toeing in my Jordan's" walk. The legends at Sneaker Basel are dedicated to keeping your kicks looking fly in modern and innovative ways and have just let us in on their secret to the most effective way of keeping your favourite sneakers crease-free with - The Sneaker Guard. Easily slide the Sneaker Guards into any of your favourite kicks and start preserving your toe caps today, keep your shoes looking as mint as the day you bought them!

How to stop your Jordans from creasing

While you're all up to date on how to wear the Jordan 1, none of this will mean anything if you can't get your hands on Jordan 1's. So make sure you stay updated on the latest sneaker drops, follow @culturekings on Instagram, check our release date calendar, and join our #sneaker-talk community on Discord to be apart of all the action.

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