Publish: A True Legacy

Publish: A True Legacy

When it comes to the Jogger Pant, it is hard to pass Publish and their classic Legacy Jogger Pants. Jogger Pants are nothing new in the streetwear scene but Publish offer more than any other brand when it comes to this silhouette. The Legacy Jogger is entirely water repellant and features a strong stain resistant coating that make these pants a must have for all year round usage. Other standout features include a reinforced saddle and thigh seam for better motion and durability and elasticised cuffs at the bottom adding a high level of style as well as comfort. The Legacy also has 3% spandex added to the twill to give them a small amount of stretch, just enough to get you out of a tough spot should you ever find yourself in one!. A no-brainer, the Legacy Jogger is a must have item so get in style quick today with Publish and the Legacy Jogger Pants.

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