Paul George Says 'Players Have A Hard Time Playing With LeBron'

Paul George Says 'Players Have A Hard Time Playing With LeBron'

Royce Young's feature for ESPN on George's decision to re-sign in Oklahoma City has shed some light on the game as a whole, especially on LeBron's play for the Lakers.

"My thing is, I like if I go on that court and there's a guy I don't have to worry about," George said. "He's going to bring it. When I look at [Westbrook], I have no worries that night about what I'm gonna get out of him. I know he's gonna bring it, he's going to give everything he has. I like that. That motivates me, that pushes me, that keeps me going."

"You could say that about a lot of guys," George says of the difficulty in sharing the court with Westbrook. "LeBron is the best player in our league, but some people have a hard time playing with him. One thing you can't say about Russ is that he's not ready or he's not prepared. That's him every night."


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