Lonzo Ball Moving From Big Baller Brand To Nike?

Lonzo Ball Moving From Big Baller Brand To Nike?

Lonzo Ball has teased a potential move away from Lavar Ball's Big Baller Brand to Nike, amid news of BBB dropping its founder.

The Lakers guard posted a pic on Insta with Nike's famous “It’s only a crazy dream until you do it” quote, captioning the photo with a teasing "moving on to bigger and better.”

Recently, Lonzo revealed that the Lakers asked him if the Big Baller Brand shoes he has been wearing are responsible for his injuries. “They asked me about it, and I told ‘em, ‘I feel comfortable. “If I wasn’t comfortable, I wouldn’t play in ‘em. If I didn’t play in [his signature BBB shoes], I’d play in Kobe [Bryant's signature Nike shoe]. I work out in [LeBron James' signature Nike shoe], but that’s because they’re heavier.”

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Moving on to bigger and better #MyOwnMan

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