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Bow Wow Hits Culture Kings In Australia

Bow Wow Hits Culture Kings In Australia

Bow Wow (formerly Lil' Bow Wow), the American rapper, actor and television host is set to hit Culture Kings once again as he makes his way across the country as part of a three-week tour/extended visit. With live shows and work on his highly anticipated upcoming album 'Underrated,' Bow Wow will be taking time out of his busy Australian schedule for Culture Kings In Store appearances in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. Check out the music video Bow Wow shot last time he was in the country and be sure to catch him at Culture Kings on the dates listed below.

Culture Kings Perth - Sunday, 24th July 1 pm
Culture Kings Melbourne - Friday, 29th July 6-7 pm
Culture Kings Sydney - Friday, 5th August 6-7 pm

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