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Your Guide To Layering Jewellery

Your Guide To Layering Jewellery

Layering your chains requires a certain level of finesse and we're here to help you through it.

You've probably seen this trend gaining momentum over the years with some help from celebs like Travis Scott and Justin Bieber, but if you've ever tried this yourself, you probably know it's not that easy to curate the layered chain look.

Justin Bieber Layered Chains

If you've actually never given it a go for yourself, it's probably because you don't know where to start. So, to help you through this process, here are a few tips and tricks to get your chain game up to scratch.

1. Different Scales
Make sure not all of your chains are the same thickness. You should start with a thicker chain and then pair with a more delicate chain. Don't be afraid to add in another texture or shape as well to complete the look. A good place to start for your chunkier chain would be the Saint Morta 24" Cuban Link Chain or the Interlink Necklace 18". You can't go wrong with a 2mm Rope Chain for something thinner to pair back.

Layered gold chains

2. Varied Lengths
You want to create a cascade of chains. So make sure you have a longer necklace that goes down to the chest, a medium one that sits around your collarbones and a shorter one that frames your neckline. The Raising Hell Interlink Choker is always a good option for a shorter necklace, while it pairs quite well with a longer necklace like the Babygirl Pendant. For the guys, however, opt for the Interlink layered over the Cuban Link Chain 24", topped off with the Micro Tennis Necklace.

Gold Layered Chains

If you don't want a look that hangs so low on your neck, don't be afraid to layer chains that are a more similar length so they sit closer to your collarbones. The trick to this is to make sure the chains aren't too varied in size (too chunky or too thin). Vary up the textures but keep the lengths and scale less varied.

Layered necklaces

Obviously the most important thing is for you to do you - find your style and have fun with it. Hopefully these pointers give you a starting place or the confidence to at least experiment a bit. 

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