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Timberland Care & Sizing

Timberland Care & Sizing

Copped your first pair of Timberland Boots and want to know exactly how to care for them? Or thinking about buying your first pair of this iconic silhouette and want to know where to start? You've come to the right place!  

We’re always getting questions on how to look after your Timbs, and we can’t say we’re surprised – when you love a product, you want to take proper care of it.  This blog is here to help you keep your Timberland products looking like new for years and years to come.

How To Protect Timberlands

While Timberland's are waterproof, they can become marked and stained by water. For the traditional yellow wheat boots or any light coloured Timberlands, the nubuck leather can be easily marked or scuffed so protecting these is a must to keep them looking fresh. 

Wheat Timberlands

First thing when you get them out of the box, give them a good stray with a waterproofing formula. This will create a sort of seal over the shoe and help protect against these marks!

How To Clean Timberlands

A life hack for cleaning Timberland boots is to use a pencil eraser. This will help remove any mud or dirt marks without being too harsh on the nubuck. Avoid using harsh bristle brushes which will only scratch the surface. Instead, use a suede brush such as the Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Brush to gently brush the surface and remove any marks. Try to do this as much as possible instead of wet cleaning your boots. If your boots have seen better days, you can give them a much more thorough clean.

  • Remove the laces and wash these separately with warm water and mild detergent.
  • Use a brush to brush away any loose dirt or marks.
  • For a proper clean, invest in some nubuck cleaner. Detergent can often be harsh or cause the colour to fade, whereas a purpose-made nubuck cleaner is going to ensure protection. 
  • Place your brush into some warm water to soften the bristles, then using the cleaner and the wet brush gentle buff the shoes until they look clean.
  • Rinse them under cold water then set them aside to air dry. Once they’re fully dry, re-lace them and they’re good to go.  

Another big tip would be to avoid washing your boots in the washing machine, more so to protect your machine from the heavy boots.

Timberland Sizing

Ensuring your Timberland boots fit right is essential, you want them to feel snug but not uncomfortable. They will stretch and soften over time so to start with they may feel a little on the tight side. Being hard-wearing and heavy, Timberland’s fit bigger than your average shoe. The general advice is to go down half a size than your usual size but if you're not quite sure you can always head into one of our Culture Kings stores to try them on for yourself!


Timberland sizing

Styles Available At Culture Kings

Whether it's the greatest boot collaboration of all time in the Culture Kings x Timberland 6" Premium Boot in Black/Gold, or one of the countless classic styles we've stocked for years - Culture Kings has it all! 

Check out just some of the amazing Timberlands on offer at Culture Kings and see if you can pick out, which ones you would like to cop. 

Timberland at Culture Kings

We hope these tips have covered all your product care and sizing needs! Keep in mind that while these boots are built to last a lifetime, the more you wear and use your products, the more frequently you should clean and protect them. Shop your favourite styles in-store and online now before you miss out!

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