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How To Prepare For Splendour In The Grass 2017?

How To Prepare For Splendour In The Grass 2017?

Tomorrow Australia's holy grail of music festivals, Splendour In The Grass begins in the North Byron Parklands. Here are your top tips to survive the four-day festival.

1. Expect Mud

Make sure you pack your gumboots to brave the mountains of mud that encircle the stages and prepare for wet weather with a raincoat. Channel Beyoncé in our Ivy Park parka to protect yourself from the elements and be on top of your style game. 

 2. Remember Your Ticket

And your ID. This might seem simple, but there is always that one guy...

3. Carry Your EFTPOS Card

This year festival organizers have decided to scrap the drink-token system and have replaced it with Visa Paywave. There will be cash lines to buy your beers, but they will most likely be limited and probably busy. So save your $$$ for the food trucks. 

4. Carry A Bum Bag

Every year someone loses their phone, wallet and/or their dignity. The water resistant Carharrt Hip Bag is the perfect solution to avoid losing your belongings in the crowd with a different colour available to suit each day. 

5. Organise A Meeting Point

Theres nothing worse than losing your mates mid-festival so organise a designated meeting point if someone goes walkabout. Better yet, use the buddy system and make sure no man ventures alone. 

6. Hydrate!

After spending four hours at the Smirnoff tent, there's a pretty good chance you're going to be dehydrated from copious amounts of vodka. You'll also want to save your strength and get hydrated to make it all the way through to Sunday for Schoolboy Q and Stormzy's sets.

7. Bring A Battery Pack For Your Phone

Chances are after your 78 snapchat videos a day, your phone isn't going to survive four days of battery life. Our Carré Voyageurs Backpack has a built in power pack that can charge your device up to five times before needing to be reconnected to a power supply.

8. Baby Wipes

Shower lines at SITG can be almost two hours long, so if you're camping the entire time, have a wet wipe shower and spend more time in the Tipi Forest. 

9. Bring Your Own Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitiser

This speaks for itself...

10. Plan

Know the acts you want to see, know the times they're on and plan time getting to and from. Pace yourself throughout the day and download the official app to avoid missing your favourite bands. 

Splendour in the Grass

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