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Post Malone Shut Down Brisbane

Post Malone Shut Down Brisbane

Post Malone held the biggest party of the year on Saturday night. Complete with fireworks, smoke, flames, lasers, weed and a shoey, Post Malone, with help from artists Jaden Smith and Tyla Yaweh, blew away all expectations and took the crowd on the ride of their life.

Security at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre was definitely put through their paces, as opener Tyla Yaweh urged at the capacity crowd to “open up the pit.”



The artist got the crowd on their feet with songs such as She Bad and Gemini from his Heart Full of Rage Album as well as a tribute to late rapper xxxTentacion. Yaweh set the tone for the night when he left the crowd with his iconic “FUCK THE RULES” chant.


As soon as Jaden Smith jumped on the stage the mood lifted. With his high-energy dance moves and upbeat tracks, the crowd was jumping by the end of his set.



Jaden smashed out his hit songs Fallen and GHOST, before bringing Harry Hudson out on stage to perform Slide. Jaden praised the headliner, Austin Richard Post, for his White Iverson song, and thanked him for his spot on the tour.



Jaden definitely backed the non-conformist message and made political comments throughout his visuals, which also featured his SYRE and EYRS merch that will drop next week at CK. He ended the set with his most anticipated track ICON before hyping the crowd for "Post Malooooooooooone".

The room went dark. The catwalk style stage was covered with black curtains, and from that point, everyone knew they were about to experience something BIG. Lights started flashing from under the cover and the crowd screamed louder and louder on every beat. Finally, the curtains raised and a whole smoke, laser and yellow light-show lit up the room.

The moment Post walked on Stage the sea of yellow “Posty Co” shirts were in hysterics. Post started the night with his Too Young track, fit with flames, fireworks and a light-show to impress.



The singer introduced himself by his full name, and raised his red cup in the air to let everyone know they were all there to “get fucked up”. The party did not stop here, with Better Now overwhelming the room with pink fireworks followed by more lights and lasers.



As the crowd screamed at Post to do a Shoey, he grabbed a bud-light and poured it into some lucky fan's shoe, whilst owning the Aussie drinking classic “Here’s to Posty he’s true blue, he’s a piss pot through and through...”

Songs Wow and Psycho were definitely a high for the night before taking it down a level with I fall apart, dedicated to anybody who had their heart broken. Posty got the green out for his emotional turning-point in the night: an acoustic version of Stay Up from his Beerbongs & Bentleys album. The crowd was flooded with blue lights and smoke as he took the crowd on an emotional journey from start to finish. 



He lifted the mood with his self-proclaimed “only good song” White Iverson, as well as his latest hit Sunflower. The peak of the night was his iconic Rockstar track, filled with fireworks, flames and explosions, as well as the moment Post Malone smashed his guitar into pieces on stage.

He then moved the crowd with a story about his past, and left everyone with one message; to “Live your dreams, live your truth, don’t let anybody stop you from doing what you want to do because they can’t fucking stop you.”

The night ended with his usual closer Congratulations as Posty thanked the “ladies and gentlemen” for their support throughout his career. Although there was no encore, the rollercoaster ride definitely left the crowd on an extreme high and the belief that anything was possible.

Don't want the party to end? Cop Post Malone merch now at CK.



Photo Credit: Jacob Pedersen

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