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'No Redemption' Tour Review Ft. Tchami, Fisher & Malaa

'No Redemption' Tour Review Ft. Tchami, Fisher & Malaa

Eaton's Hill's Outdoor stage in Brisbane lit up when the 'No Redemption' tour hit, featuring some of the world's best electronic artists for one hell of a party on the last Saturday of 2018. In the 30-degree heat, the famous Eaton's Hill 'Kryptonite' cocktail was flowing freely, equal parts Smirnoff Double Black, Pineapple Midori and regret. 

The stage was on fire as opening acts Jordan Burns, Lowdown and Taleena set the hyped mood, followed by Frenchman Habstrakt who took it to a whole other level with grind & bass house.  

The look of the night for the guys was 'speed dealer in a party shirt and a side bag', while the girls opted for the ever-classic 'my parents would be so disappointed in me' with a pair of bike shorts. Maybe the most exciting moment for me at least was spotting a pair of Culture Kings NFS socks, meaning maybe I'll get to keep my job because we're selling some stuff idk. 

UK Jump Up Drum & Bass supergroup SASASAS made their Australian debut, featuring Macky Gee, Phantasy, Skibadee, Shabba D & Harry Shotta, revitalising the old school rave vibe.

Then, it was time for the act I'd been waiting for -  Gold Coast's ex-pro-surfer-turned-producer Fisher who plays some of the most insane house you've ever heard. His hour and a half long set included his bangers Losing It, Stop It, Ya Kidding and Crowd Control intertwined with a continuous mix. 

Then, it was time for Tchami & Malaa to take the stage. The French artists are two of the world's hottest acts in their own right, but the balaclava-clad Malaa joined the stage with Tchami to play a laser show of bass and future house. Standout tracks included 'Prophecy', 'Notorious' and, unsurprisingly, 'No Redemption'.

Get started on the playlist to get a taste of the insane day it was at the 'No Redemption' tour. 

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