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New Brand Alert: Nena and Pasadena (NXP)

New Brand Alert: Nena and Pasadena (NXP)

Launched in 2009, when sporting superstar Lance “Buddy” Franklin joined forces with one of Australia’s leading men’s wear labels, to create an edgy, outgoing and vibrant street wear brand. Its reputation built from innovative graphic prints that stand out in any crowd.

NXP quickly became one of Australia’s leading streetwear brands through its music and sporting alignment. Extensive media coverage with daring ranges and brand attitude has been the corner stone of its success.

2013 saw the brand #TAKEFLIGHT globally, with the development and introduction of the Nena and Pasadena FLIGHT PANT. Their signature slim line “flight” pockets, combined with its overall sleek aesthetic, saw this elastic ankle jogger quickly became a must-have pant. Awarded Europe’s Number 1 pant in 2014 has cemented the brand as a global force.

NXP is a brand, which draws inspiration from its global footprint and connection to the sporting world. We are driven to refine the core products of today, with all efforts and desires to deliver the future.

Nena and Pasadena is strong, masculine and bold - definitely not for the faint hearted.

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