New 'Avengers: ENDGAME' Trailer Is 🤯

New 'Avengers: ENDGAME' Trailer Is 🤯

Following the debut of 'Captain Marvel', Marvel Studios has released a new trailer for the epic finale of the Avengers franchise, 'Avengers: Endgame' which is set to drop in cinemas in only weeks. Including new scenes from the movie, the trailer also teases standalone films including 'Iron Man', 'Thor' and 'Captain America'.

Peep the full trailer below and read what we now know about the upcoming film. 

What we know (SPOILERS BELOW)

  • Tony Stark and Nebula return to Earth, even though Tony was left stranded in space at the end of the last movie
  • Hawkeye's daughter now has a crucial role in the franchise
  • Peggy is heard narrating the trailer, which means the Avengers will be using time travel to undo Thanos' snap
  • Captain Marvel will be here
  • The world is completely apocalyptic

We are SO EXCITED to see the finale of this series! Keep it on lock for more as we get it.

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