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Lil Scrappy Gets Scrapped

Lil Scrappy Gets Scrapped

American rapper and record producer Lil Scrappy has been hospitalised after a serious car accident over the weekend. The rapper was found almost unconscious after the Sunday morning crash where he allegedly fell asleep at the wheel after leaving the 'King of Diamonds' strip club in Miami.

The car veered into a pole and Lil Scrappy and his friend Ca$ino Roulette were found on the ground outside the car. There were no witnesses and no citations issued, and the most likely cause of the crash was speeding. 

Lil Scrappy, real name Darryl Richardson, was discovered by Lil Jon while performing in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. He is a very well-known rapper in the Atlanta hip-hop scene as well as the Southeast of the US. 



Sources have revealed that Lil Scrappy doesn't remember how he got to hospital. He has sustained serious injuries but is stable. He has a broken foot that is due to be operated on. Ca$ino Roulette is in the ICU. 

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