LeBron James Says He Didn't Want The Cavs to Trade Kyrie Irving

LeBron James Says He Didn't Want The Cavs to Trade Kyrie Irving

In a recent interview with The Athletic, LeBron said  "that's not my problem," when told that Irving requested the trade because he didn't want to play with him anymore. "I never felt like I didn't want to play with him. The only thing I tried to do is give him whatever I could and more." 

Irving asked for a trade last summer, despite James reportedly being "adamant" that they don't trade the point guard.

"I think by the time it got to me he wanted to be traded, I think he was already gone," James said. "He was already gone, and it was up to the organization to do their job and try to keep him as well. The guy still had two years left on his contract. They didn't have to give him up. It could've been repaired then. Bring him in, let's see what happens. I don't think his stock drops if he still comes to Cleveland, see what happens and at the trade deadline you could still do it then."

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