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Returning as the major sponsor for the second year running at Ultra Australia, Culture Kings once again dived into the action, catching up with the artists, the crowd and the all-round hype over two crazy days in Sydney and Melbourne. 

The mayhem kicked off on the Saturday in Sydney, with the Culture Kings team being escorted in early for the VVIP Experience. Stationed near the main arena in a decked out private lounge, complete with bottle service, a raised viewing deck, Champaign Guns, branded cushions cups and clothes and most important of all, that exclusive back stage access you only hear about. There's no doubt at all that the VVIP package knocked it out of the park.

A storm of fans flooded the arena shortly after, with waves of party shirts being spotted everywhere in the crowd, ranging from the classic floral print to new-wave black and white palm trees, paisley and more. Stacks of CK branded face masks also cropped up after being made an addition to all sales online and in store, as well as the iconic and enormous CK Beach Balls bouncing around day and night. 

Huge shoutouts go to Zedd and DJ Snake for pulling off sets that left you hyped for hours, each taking the crowd on a ride of EDM and bass-house that left you only wanting more. Other big names that killed it where Afrojack and Dash Berlin, while it can't be said any artist had an average set. Well tiered, UMF know how to stack EDM artists.

As the hours wore on CK Flags and Bandanas went heavily in circulation throughout the crowd, available directly at the Festival and in high-demand. Paired with them were a TON of tie dye and vintage music merch dominating the scene. On the VVIP flipside, CK kicked back with artists like Afrojack in the VVIP lounge, went backstage for a once in a lifetime show perspective and popped bottles in high-roller festival fashion. A package above and beyond expectation, it can't be recommended enough. 

Melbourne saw a repeat in quality and festival wear, with the muscle tees and shorts rinsing in Sydney's hot weather giving way to festival pants, festival tees and plenty more party shirts. Full of on-point designs for the festival scene, pants in the majority were camo, tie dye, tracks, plaid and a host of brighter colours, with many more nailing the eccentric look perfect for days like this. We're of a mind to think Melbourne's breezy whether played a part here...

All round though a ton of icey jewellery was spotted, capped with signature headwear and sunnies. Check out some of the action snapped down below. Thankfully, Parramatta was decked out extensive plastic flooring to keep your kicks in fantastic condition.

The massive amount of Shazam-worthy tunes has pushed us to making an Ultra Australia playlist to hit rewind on the action. We've compiled a stack of the best tunes from both cities for you to hit shuffle on and daydream about your VVIP experience next year. If you can wrangle a few friends into going, believe us, it will be an experience of a lifetime.



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