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CK 101: Purchasing Shoes for a Toddler or Small Child

CK 101: Purchasing Shoes for a Toddler or Small Child

What Toddler Size do I need?
If you are purchasing shoes as a gift it can be tricky to pick the right size. We’ve tried to take as much guess work out this experience as we can.
Brands use different letters to make it easier to tell which shoes are for which ages. Nike use the letter “C” to define their Toddler Child sizing and Adidas use the Letter “K” for their Kids Shoes.
Kids feet can vary a lot but if you don’t know their size you can use their age as a guide of what to purchase.
Here is an approximation of sizing based on age.
From 0 - 12 Months old would be Toddler Sizing 1 – 5.
At 18 Months Toddler sizing 5 - 7
A 2 Year old, between 7 – 9 would be an average.
3 Year olds would generally be between a 9 - 11
4 Year olds 11 – 12
5 Years 12 – 13
The General Rule would be to go bigger just in case so they can eventually grow into them. For example buying shoes for your ballin’ nephew turning 5, I’d be looking at a size 13C in Nike or 13K in Adidas.
Each of our Shoe pages will give you both a guide for each size as well as details in the Sizing chart with an approximate CM Measurement.
In the case you do get it wrong Don’t Stress! We offer returns and exchanges for toddler shoes just keep your online invoice, or your in store receipt and our Staff will be more than happy to help you.
You can shop our full Toddler range online here!

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