The Tee With Twice The Heat

The Tee With Twice The Heat

Carré know exactly how to combine the latest in style with the best of design and they've proved that once again with the Diagonal Panel 2.0 Tee.

This dual colourway tee is standout because of its diagonal seam dividing the two contrasting panels. Available in seven different colour combinations, the Carré Diagonal Panel 2.0 Tee is made from 100% cotton and maintains Carré's top-quality standard.

Carré Diagonal 2.0 Tee

For more diagonal t-shirt styles, check out the Saint Morta Olde Balance Tee

This tee also has a double hem for a touch of added length to give the illusion of layering, perfect for the warmer weather so you don't have to actually layer up with another tee. There are also side-seam splits to allow for a little movement to give the illusion of a looser fit.

Add the Carré Diagonal Panel 2.0 Tee to your wardrobe today and cop online or in stores at Culture Kings.

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